• Preface Overview
  • "DaviSpecs" - Upfront General Specifications
  • TB1 - The Original DaviSound "Inner Tube" Dual Preamplifier
  • TB2 - The "DaviSmart" Dual Channel Line Level Optical Compressor
  • TB3 "Glass Action" Inner Tube Optical Compressor Preamp
  • TB4 "DaviShaper" Dual Channel Equalizer
  • TB5 "DaviSumIt" "Mic-All" 4 Channel Microphone Preamp Mixer
  • TB6 "DaviSource Mic-All" 4 Channel Microphne Preamp
  • TB7 "DaviStrip" - Multistage Singlel Channel Processor
  • TB8 "DaviSure" - Acclaimed LOW Wattage HIGH Fidelity Lab Ref Amp
  • TB9 "DaviSheen" - "DaviSquasher" 2 Channel ALL TUBE Compressor
  • TB10 "DaviSuper" Dual Channel "Mic-All" Deluxe Preamplifier
  • TB11 "DaviSumThing" - Mulitchannel Stereo Line Level Analog Mixer
  • TB12 "DaviSecondSource" Basic 2 Channel "Mic-All" Preamplifier
  • "WOODGRAIN" The Story Of Our Revolutionary All Wooden Rack Cabinetry
  • The "INS & OUTS" of DaviSound Tool Boxes
  • General Info Relating To All Tool Boxes
  • "Inner Tubes"
  • "DaviSpacers" - Custom WG Sculpted Wood Blank Rack Panels
  • "DaviSupply" - Outboard Rack or Remote Mount Power Supplies
  • You should see our Tool Boxes!



    This page lists and describes all of our standard "Tool Boxes" ©™ audio processors.

    First there is the DaviSound "CLEAN DOZEN" Tool Box Lineup in order ...

    Then ... general information, and terminology, relating to all our Tool Boxes
    follows the specific line-up below!

    Assorted PHOTOS of various "Tool Boxes" are featured on the
    WOOD YOU BELIEVE photo album page ... linked below.

    Most of the descriptions, and eventually all of them, will include an active link to the
    "ON-LINE MANUAL" which fully describes the operation of the device in detail.

    Links to our CURRENT PRICES section are provided throughout and at the bottom of the page.





    Performance "DaviSpecs" Specifications

    Unless specifically stated otherwise in individual descriptions ...
    and for all Tool Boxes which employ our "MP-2 MasterPiece" circuit module, which is nicknamed the "Mic-All", for the complete signal chain gain block, the electrical specifications are as follows:

    ALL amplifiers feature ruler flat frequency response ...
    with -3dB points at 1.6 HZ and 35 KHz (maximum gain). There is a slightly variable HF bandwidth increase as gain is actively decreased to unity or below
    (flat to 70KHz at unity).

    This is because an active filtering configuration is employed to intentionally rolloff extreme high frequency response to minimize RF / EMI out of band interference, noise contribution, and intermodulation distortions.

    Combined distortions specifications are where the DaviSound "MIC-ALL" amplifiers REALLY outperform most all others anywhere! There is virtually NO measurable distortion at any level or frequency until maximum gain settings are utilized. Even then, the measurements are near the residuals of the test instruments and barely detectable at the frequency extremes- (.008% at 20 KHZ, +55dB gain)!

    Under more reallistic gain settings, amplifier distortion is even lower (example: typically .001%, 1KHZ, 40dB gain ... immeasurable at gain settings below 40 db [theoretically, mathematically indicated better than .0008%] )!

    This performance characteristic is responsible for claim after claim from virtually ALL awe inspired users that our amp is the "cleanest" they have ever heard!

    One of the most crucial parameters in microphone signal handling is HEADROOM. The MIC-ALL amps are relatively unsurpassed in this regard with signal handling capability right up near +32 dBU before clipping! We acheive this with our House IC and thermal protection which allows a much higher power supply voltage than most conventional designs. This provides a full 8 to 10 dB more headroom than many other professional designs on the market today!

    Keep in mind, that output level offered by an output boosted stage does NOT always correspond to system headroom throughout! Some other units boast an output of +36 dB, or more, that do NOT offer that headroom throughout their chain. DaviSound specs are through chain, input to output.

  • NOISE -
    EIN Unweighted -122dB 100 ohms
    Noise 20Hz to 20KHz Unweighted - 98dB

    Actual internal impedance is 2KOhms, differentially balanced for optimum voltage transfer of all low impedance professional microphones from 50 ohms impedance to 600 ohms impedance.

    Actual output impedance is 100 ohms (47 ohms unbalanced) and the high current "Mic-All" output stages will drive virtually any line load from 600 ohms to high impedance bridging with no increase in distortion or any other loading effect!


    Frequency response, (as-is, un-compensated, unity gain, .777 V RMS input ) ... flat to 10 MHZ
    Input Noise Voltage at 1KHZ - less than 4 nanovolts per stage
    Typical Supply current - 11 mA (maximum- at full gain- full load)
    THD plus noise at unity gain, per inverter stage less than .0002%
    Slew Rate 12 V/uS
    Maximum Supply Voltage + 48 volts
    Lifespan- unknown - absolute minimum expected performance ...
    under less than ideal thermal conditions - 20 years ...
    Typical expected performance under average operating conditions - 100 plus years ...
    Theoretical performance under ideal conditions - 1,000 years!

    The inherent specifications of the House IC itself are actually further enhanced in our actual audio application by our circuit design techniques within the MP-2 module!

    One such technique ... which we believe has so much to do with the exceptional, noticable "accuracy of detail" comment that we hear so often from users in regard to the performance of our amplifiers ... is a unique inter-stage direct coupling/biasing scheme which forces the amplifier into near full Class-A operation. Any extra heat generated in this process is harmlessly dissipated in the thermally conductive epoxy encasement of the sealed MP-2 module!

    This, combined with the, overload proof, fully variable, active gain technique, produces results as close as you can get to a truly "distortionless" amplifier!

    More, detailed, electrical technical notes are interpersed below.

  • ----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/---) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----

    AND NOW ...

    ----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/---) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----

    Two Channel Preamp ©™

    The very first listing here, ironically, is NOT founded on the principle DaviSound is noted for!
    That being, the old "staight wire with gain", transparent signal chain principle that distinguishes most of our preamps and processors like all those designed around our, highly accurate, "Mic-All"©™ circuitry described below !

    Instead, the TB-1 was deliberately designed as a "colorizer", a box with a "sound" ... or "character" ... to some degree.

    Basically, this amp is pretty clean with the tube switched out ... but when the "starved plate"(comparably reduced supply voltage), tube stage is switched in, plenty of rich, second harmonics are added to "fatten" the signal with musical overtones!

    All in all, the TB-1 provides the best of both worlds for tube/solid-state, single-ended Class-A discreet devotees.
    This unit combines a discreet FET differential input stage, followed by a Triode gain stage, with a discreet, Class-A single-ended power output line driver stage!

    Features include dual front AND rear, PARALLEL microphone jacks (4) ...
    with front-panel instrument inputs (1/4"), making the TB-1 an ideal "direct box"!

    The TB-1 is a DUAL CHANNEL UNIT available ONLY in "WG" cabinetry,

    This classic Tool Box also includes 2 channel switchable PHANTOM POWER routed to the XLR balanced input connectors (with LED indication).

    Standard output for this unit is single ended, Class-A low impedance, which is designed to drive succeeding stages via it's gold plated RCA rear jacks or ... via the "DS-quasi-balanced" XLR outputs.

    Or, for REAL authentic "1950's style interface", we offer your choice of rear, screw-terminal connectors
    to facilititate fully custom interconnections.

    The TB-1 includes TWO large, lighted VU meters as standard and these may be user selected for
    0VU= -10, or +4 dBU!

    Measured THD on this unit is around 1% to 5% (Tube Switched In) ... and it is nearly ALL tube stage ... mostly "fat",
    second harmonic. Upper, odd-order harmonics are surpressed and nearly non-existant!

    What else need we say ... except this is one GREAT microphone/instrument "warmer upper"!

    The TB-1 also offers IN / OUT switching for the TUBE STAGE so that you may choose to utilize either
    ALL discreet solid state singled-ended Class-A ... or add the "Touch Of Glass" triode stage at the flick of a toggle switch!

    As of 2005, the tube stage employs an early generation (NOS), octal based dual triode 12SL7 or a Sovtek 6SL7 ...
    for the ultimate in circa 1950 styled "fat, warm, 'tube-ish' " sound and aesthetics!

    For more TB-1 details ... Get the WHOLE STORY at ...
    TB-1 On-Line Manual


    ----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/---) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----

    THE TB-2 "DaviSmart" COMPRESSOR ©™ -

    The TB-2 is the solid state version of one of our most popular processors, our dual channel, optical gain controlled compressor amplifier.

    This version is simlar to the TB-3, described below, but without the "Inner Tube" stage or its associated tube controls and without the "MIC-ALL" phantom powered preamps.

    Thus the TB-2 is a basic, solid state, LINE LEVEL compressor.

    Our pro audio compressor design has slowly evolved from the mid 1970's to its present form which, many believe, is simply the "smartest" ...
    the most transparent ... the most musically correct, automatic ...
    OPTICAL "gain rider" available anywhere!

    The TB-2 offers a compress by-pass switch which allows you to instantly compare the processed and unprocessed signals. While the standard "compress" LED indicator offers a direct visual read-out of the gain reduction drive signal, an optional 3-RU sized, analog metered version ...
    (as pictured at top of page) may also be ordered to display Gain Reduction if desired.

    The TB-2 is now normally packaged in standard 2RU "WG".

    For EXTENSIVE details ...
    See the FULLY descriptive on-line manual for COMPLETE information.

    DaviSound TB2 On-Line Manual


    ----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/---) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----

    Compressor Amplifier

    This design features optical gain reduction combined with a variable drive and variable distortion control for a singled ended, Class- A triode, tube stage. The new TB-3 "WG-3RU", both internally and externally, aesthetically and sonically, truly provides "warm, class glass"!

    This "Inner Tube" Tool Box really does offer you "time in a bottle" or, in this case, the manipulation thereof!
    The TB-3 is, basically, a TB-2 with the addition of ... "a touch of GLASS"...
    a single, enhanced triode stage added to our proven compressor design!

    And, as of spring 2006, we upgraded the TB-3 to new "WG 3RU" enhanced styling with spacious wooden cabinetry!

    Due to the larger spacing, we can now use the popular classic, dual triode, 6SN7, in the signal path with our SPECIAL circuit techniques which EMPHASIZE THE WARMTH, its desirable tube artifacts (like that fat second harmonic!) and ... at the same time...
    MINIMIZE the undesirable (for instance, cancelling ODD harmonics)!

    Whatsmore, with the TB-3, you have the BEST of BOTH worlds since the tube stage is completely by-passed with the flick of a switch! This switch allows the TB-3 "GLASS ACT INNER TUBE" to instantly become the transparent TB-2! It also provides for handy A/B comparison of the "fat warmth" of the tube stage to otherwise "uncolored" signals!

    To cap it off, the TB-3 combines, quite literally, two channels of acclaimed "Mic-All" preamplifiers with full features, including fully variable active gain, phase reverse and individual phantom power. A unique feature of the TB-3, is this ability to actively "mix" the microphone input signals with the separate line input signals for live tracking or overdubbing.

    The TB-3 features a CENTER WINDOW - a one inch circular opening for viewing the warm glow of the tube through the front panel.

    It also now features a 2 1/2 inch circular access port in the top cover for viewing tube status, air circulation and heat transfer, and, of course, the ability to change tubes without removing the cover.

    The compressor stage design of the TB-3 is identical to the TB-2 EXCEPT the tube version offers a variable front-end DRIVE control which allows the user to drive the tube harder or softer for varying "texture".

    An important design consideration places the tube stage AHEAD of the compress stage so that harmonics generated by the tube can be further enhanced by compressor action as desired.

    Those using the TB-3 design, who have also used other tube compressors, continually tell us, emphatically, that ours offers the "best tube sound" available. Naturally, we agree since this was the sole intent and purpose of the design!

    The TB-3 is now packaged exclusively in "WG-3RU".

    For more information, please see our on-line manual which is one of the most detailed, and informative, vacuum tube audio compressor manuals you will find anywhere!


    SEE: DaviSound TB-3 On-Line Manual


    ----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/---) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----

    TB-4 "DaviShaper"©™ -
    Professional Equalizer


    A multi-stage, multi-function, ultra-musical equalizer combining two of our earlier designs, the fixed, four band "Musi-Q" and the dual band ...
    semi parametric, "Q-Bal Para Q" into one UNIQUE audio processor to help you conquer even the MOST challenging audio processing tasks!

    As of Fall 2006, the TB-4 is a DUAL channel "WG" unit suitable for stereo applications.

    All of the individual processor sections are independently, switchable, in or out, so that any combination of stages may be utilized in
    seamless operation!

    In the Summer of 2006, the TB-4 "DaviShaper" went through MORE extensive testing and new "R& D" to see if there was any room for improving an already remarkable performer. As it turns out, we did make just a few changes to the design which, we feel, offer some subtle improvement to the instrument as a whole including the new, larger 3 RU, DUAL CHANNEL "WG" Packaging with new front panel lineup!

    The new TB-4 lineup begins with our fixed, four-band "MUSI-Q" equalizer which, in itself, helps to make the"DaviShaper" a remarkable set of equalizer tools in one package! This is the same heralded equalizer section employed on our major recording consoles in the early years.

    This proprietary EQ circuitry has remained in our "arsenal" all these years since some engineers and musicians swear by it as one of the "most musically useful", fixed, four-band equalizers ever conceived!

    Now using outboard, EQ controls harnessed to proprietary MP-1 circuit gain blocks, it offers LO and HI "shelving" combined with Lo Mid and Hi Mid "peak and dip" curves at approximately ... 50 HZ, 250 HZ, 2.5 KHZ, and 8 KHZ, +/- 15 dB.

    Many "harsh/hard" low mids have been "softened" with a gentle cut of the Lo Mid control of this equalizer on many recordings over the years!

    Next , there is our old reliable, "Q-Bal Para-Q" semi-parametric equalizer section which provides two ...
    fully sweepable, overlapping bands of equalization, each with a fixed, medium"Q".

    The four rotary controls for this stage include hi/lo "Gain", which provide +/- 12 dB boost or cut at any frequency in the audio spectrum as selected by the continuously variable hi/lo "Tune" controls.

    The "lo" control "sweeps" from just below 30HZ to above 1KHZ. The "hi"control "tunes" from just below 500HZ to just above 18KHZ.

    Like most of our circuitry, the stage is fully transparent with the Gain controls set in the center, flat position; yet, as mentioned... full by-pass switching is provided.

    Each section features an individual, LED indicator which is lighted when that section is switched into the path. This is a VERY useful feature for rapid visual indication during hectic sessions in dim environments.

    The final toggle switch at the far right of each channel controls the passive low-cut filter stage which is a classic first order filter beginning action at 100 Hz. This "low rumble" filter is very useful in conjunction with the low shelf boost control allowing some low end shelving while simulataneously attenuating the extreme low end of the spectrum.

    All in all, The TB-4 "DaviShaper" is one POWERFUL Tool Box which will provide you with the means to attain even the most esoteric audio signature!


    SEE: DaviSound On-Line Manuals TB-4


    ----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/---) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----

    TB-5 - "DaviSumIt MIC-ALL"©™
    Microphone Amplifiers/Mixer

    The original 2RU TB-5 was introduced in the fall of 2002 and was essentially, a TB-6 with added stereo mixing capability.

    In the summer of 2006, in keeping with our "DaviSizing" 3RU "WG" expansion upgrades, we launched the new TB-5 "WG" 3RU!

    This new TB-5 expanded version offers just a couple of "wrinkles" which maintain the integrity of the original design while adding a few options for those who might want them.

    The obvious "extra" with this unit, compared to our TB-6 "Mic-All" premaplifier, is the MIXER FEATURE addition which provides for a stereo sum of the outputs of all four microphone channels.

    Now, in order to do this properly, panpots are needed and, therefore, are utilized to route the low impedance line level outputs of the mic preamps to an MP-1 module configured as a stereo, active summing amplifier. This output stage also features separate left/right, active MASTER GAIN controls.

    At the same time, the mixer design retains the option of using the isolated, dedicated outputs of each amplifer for use independently of the combined outputs. So, with the TB-5, there are SIX XLR output jacks including the mixed stereo feeds along with the individual preamp outputs.

    Next, in addition to the the mix feature, we've added a switchable low-cut (Hi-Pass) filter per channel which offers 6 dB per octave low-cut (Hi-Pass), first-order filtering with action starting at 200HZ (-6dB at 100HZ and -12 dB at 50HZ).

    Then, beginning with the expanded 2006, "WG" 3RU version, we added a switchable "Inner Tube" feature which introduced, and incorporates, the low dostortion, dual triode MPT-1 (MasterPieceTube) Circuit Module also configured as an active summing amplifier. A toggle switch allows you to choose to place the tube in the path as the active combining amplifier or, instead, choose to go direct to the MP-1 active combiner stage.

    The vacuum tube employed is the 6SN7 dual triode, Octal tube.

    And, that's it. That's our new TB-5 "feature enhanced" version of the TB-6. And, of course, we continue to offer the TB-6 in its basic form described below for those who do not need or want the built-in mix option or larger format. For those of you who DO ...
    the TB-5 "DaviSumIt" REALLY "SUMS IT ALL UP" !

    The TB-5 IS NOW OFFERED IN "WG" 3RU packaging.

    For more details and photos of the TB-5 "WG" 3RU ... SEE ...


    ----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/---) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----

    TB-6 "DaviSource MIC-ALL"©™ -
    Microphone Amplifiers

    The TB-6 offers a package of overload-proof, variable gain, "MIC-ALL", mic preamps which provide pure, transparent, practically noiseless, distortionless (<.008% combined!) electronically balanced amplification.

    It's easy to make claims, and everyone claims that their mic amps are the best
    for "this or that" subjective reason.

    But, in this case ... NO idle boasting ...
    EVERY pro user ... REPEAT... ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTION ... continue to swear by this circuitry as either the BEST mic amp they have ever used ... or certainly every bit as good as any other "industry standard" amp they have compared it to ... no matter WHAT the price ... Period!

    NOTE: As of 2003, the above statement (written in 1998!) is still true, as far as we know from the feedback we get directly, even after many more dozens of TB-6 units have been shipped and are being utilized daily!

    NOTE: As of 2007 ... DITTO and MUCH MORESO! Thank You All!

    That's probably because our design is based on an overload-proof, continuously-variable gain amplifier using very MINIMAL components in the signal path.

    Naturally, these amps are designed around our MP-2 MasterPiece, "Mic-All" module, which internally utilizes our custom, state-of-the-art house IC op-amp for extended headroom and dynamic range far exceeding today's digital standards!
    (This IC is described elsewhere-see our "Design Philosophy" page)

    It accepts virtually ANY low to medium impedance pro quality microphone and provides
    electronically balanced (differential) amplification.

    For those of you who agree that ...
    The mic preamp is NOT the place to "color" your sound ... the TB-6 will allow you to hear EXACTLY what your microphones reproduce ...
    possibly for the first time ever!

    Each channel is fully isolated with SEPARATE phantom power switching for each individual channel.
    All connections are rear mount XLR. (front panel mount connectors are available as an option).

    By popular request, as of June 2001, all TB-6 Tool Boxes now include a phase reverse switch
    on every channel!

    Other front panel controls feature a FULLY VARIABLE ACTIVE gain control for each amp -
    NO PADDING NECESSARY - we PIONEERED THIS FEATURE back in the '70s. It allows you to continuously dial in just the right amount of amplifier gain exactly as you need it, no more no less.

    This feature offers you precisely the correct amount of gain for the incoming source signal with optimum headroom, signal to noise and dynamic range at ANY setting!

    The TB-6 is produced with FOUR channels of Mic-All amplifiers per unit.

    All four channels have individually isolated, separate phantom power feeds and switches
    with associated LED "on" indicators.

    Engineers are finding the TB-6, with its "Mic-All" amplifier circuitry, to be exactly what it was designed and intended to be ... a trusted laboratory reference quality amplifier with true, accurate amplification by which to measure and judge any in comparison! It simply offers consistent, reliable, accurate amplification of microphone source signals ...
    no more .... no less!

    RM2U or RM2U-WG packaging.

    For more on the TB-6 ... SEE ...


    ----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/---) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----

    TB-7 DaviStrip©™
    Combination "Mic-All" Preamp / "Musi-Q" Equalizer / FET Version "DaviSmart" Compressor


    Now, in one single Tool Box format package, we offer THREE of our most popular processor stages for a complete, pecision, analog front-end for ANY professional or home recording application!

    This one is also designed with the remote broadcaster/recordist in mind as it includes an optional remote DC power supply input on the rear panel to enable easy field application if so desired!

    The TB-7 is a single channel combination processor in "console strip" style format which features the acclaimed variable active gain, "Mic-All", transformerless balanced preamplifier as the "front-end". A rear XLR, balanced microphone input also features front panel switched, LED indicated, Phantom Power for condenser mics. A phase reverse switch is also included as is a Mic / Instrument selector switch. The left horizontal toggle position of the Mic/Ins switch selects the Rear XLR Microphone input for routing through the "Mic-All" preamp stage. The right position selects the front T-R-S- Instrument/line input jack for routing through the preamp stage at higher impedance, reduced gain structure. However, since the active gain stage offers proper, infinitely variable, matching to the source signal, the "DI" instrument input can also be used as an extra line input with variable gain when desired.

    Then, in addition, there is a rear panel TRS line input jack which allows for simultaneous line level mixing with the signals through the preamp stage. A dedicated level control for this input is front panel mounted to the upper left of the preamp channel gain control.

    Next in-line is the heralded "musical" equalizer stage from our original console designs of the early '80s ... The "Musi-Q" fixed four band EQ stage. The equalizer section may be completely by-passed by the silent flick of an adjacent, LED indicated, mini-toggle switch.

    Then, there is actually another "DaviShaper" feature provided for even greater EQ versatility ... a switchable (mini toggle located just lower adjacent to the "Musi-Q" stage) first order, low-cut filter operating below 100 Hz.

    Finally, the new FET version of our "DaviSmart" compressor and line driver stage is seated at the far end of the "strip" offering our much sought after "evolved to perfection" "smart" (self scaling) compressor with variable gain stage. The compressor action can be mini-toggle defeated while the final variable gain stage is always in-path providing variable active gain buffering to the outputs for precision line driving. This FET version of our "DaviSmart" compressor also incorporates a panel mounted release time select switch.

    On the REAR panel ... in addition to the XLR microphone input, the T-R-S line input and the optional use, plus/minus DC input terminals, the TB-7 also features two, isolated, active divided, 600 ohm XLR output jacks for user convenience.

    When you study it carefully ...
    you have to see that this one really is a MOST VERSATILE "everything in a box" analog design for the project recordist!

    The TB-7 is packaged in 2RU "WG".

    For more information and complete details on the remarkable new TB-7 ... SEE ...



    ----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/---) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----

    TB-8 - "DaviSure"©™ -
    Laboratory Reference Monitor Amp

    An "as good as it gets" stereo monitor amp for ultimate clean, transparent ...
    ACCURATE audio power in the monitoring environment.

    The TB-8 is designed to drive ANY pro monitor speaker... to its most faithful audio reproduction.

    Further simplified and returned to its "roots" in 2005 as described in the revised on-line manual ...
    This amplifier conservatively boasts 10 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms ... while maintaining our previously described specifications at ANY level setting up to the onset of clipping.

    This lowering of power in attempt to even further "raise the fildelity" was the result of returning the amplifier design to "unbalanced" output drive from the previously utiIized "bridged" output. However, it also, simultaneously, inherently offers much higher peak power and even higher instantaneous "music power" when needed.

    The TB-8 is deliberately designed for modest, yet very capable, power output for near nil amplification error in all audio parameters!

    Specifically designed for control room monitoring it is a simple, basic, no-frills, MOST ACCURATE power amplifier.

    All "flowery adjectives" aside, this uncomplicated amplifier design, when driving efficient studio monitors ...
    is the most accurately revealing monitor amp we have ever heard! The TB-8 gives you a power amplified replica of what you put into it - period. The fact that many ampifiers do NOT, has caused caused many first time listeners to actually be "startled" by the "out-front detail" and extreme "definition" projected by this design.

    For those of you who have come to know and love the DaviSound "MasterPiece" MP-2 module, the circuit block which houses the "MIC-ALL" amplifier as used in our TB-3, TB-6, TB-7, TB-10, TB-12 and other custom units, you will be most interested in knowing that the TB-8 utilizes this same MP-2, reconfigured for line levels and line impedance, as it's "front-end" voltage gain stage!

    We've simply added high quality, highly reliable, discreet output current booster stages which, essentially, allows the extremely accurate, MP-2 module to drive speakers with the same precision that it amplifies microphones to line level!

    So, now you can get the ultimate transparent signal chain all the way from microphone to speaker!

    The front panel includes separate, balanced, input level controls and on/off switch/indicator. Since this design also makes for the perfect amplifier in headphone applications, in 2006 we added a front panel, stereo, TRS jack for added convenience.

    The TB-8 comes with your choice of in/out connectors.

    Available in 2RU-WG.

    For more on the TB-8 and some very revealing info on audio power amplification in general ... SEE ...


    TB-8 - SE "DaviSolidSingle"©™ -
    Class A Reference Amplifier

    The innaugural version shown here is constructed in a custom desk mount Black Walnut Cabinet ...
    and this cabinet houses a lot of "heat"!

    "SolidSingle" has a lot of meanings in this case ...
    "Rock Solid" ACCURATE amplification ...
    A reference monitor by which to judge all external components and signals.

    And ...
    "Solid" for "Solid State" comprising the DaviSound MasterPiece Module gain stage ...
    working into three solid state, high speed power transistors in Class-A tandem ...
    (Single-Ended parallel)

    "Solid" AND "Single" for a solid "Single Watt" (RMS) of full Class-A reference audio ...
    (with headroom to spare - over two watt peak capability)

    "Single" for "Single Ended" ...
    since with this design it is not just the Class-A distinction ...
    but the Class-A SINGLE ENDED distinction that makes the difference.

    Designed to offer the new generation, perhaps, their one, "SINGLE" chance to experience something they have never before heard ...
    the very ULTIMATE which can be acheived with audio electronics signal reproduction!

    Available in 3RU-"WG" (or custom desk mount)

    For more on the TB8-SE ... SEE ... the second part, conclusion, of the


    ----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/---) ]----/\/\/\/----)]----/\/\/\/----

    TB-9 "DaviSquasher"©™ COMING SOON!

    Some time ago we launched prototyping for the newly commissioned total vacuum tube compressor design which we had wanted to bring about for sometime!

    We have been experimenting with, fine tuning, and testing several vacuum tube circuit topology alternatives in order to create the best tube based compressor possible.

    Please check this area in the near future for the anouncement of the all new "DaviSheen" ... "DaviSquasher" vacuum tube (VCA) compressor !

    This is an exciting new design for us now projected for late 2010!

    ----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/---) ]----/\/\/\/----)]----/\/\/\/----

    TB-10 "DaviSuper Preamplifier"©™ -

    In the spring of 2002, we introduced a new DaviSound Tool Box with the TB-10 designation.

    This first "DaviSuper" TB-10 combined the larger cabinet styling of the TB-1 and incorporated the increasingly acclaimed DaviSound "MIC-ALL" preamplifiers along with two, large, lighted VU meters for monitor reference!

    Prior to this time, the DaviSound "MIC-ALL", MP-2 MasterPiece module amplifier, long heralded by knowledgable engineers in the pro recording and broadcast industries, had only been ofered within the multi-channel TB-6. The "Mic-All" circuit design had been growing in demand and its popularity began spreading amongst ALL users who required a highest quality, most accurate, reference preamplifier! As a result of this demand, we packaged the MP-2 "Mic-All" within our first TWO CHANNEL version of that time period with the introduction of the TB-10!

    Not only that ... we ALSO incorporated it into a new differential instrument amplifier design as well. TWO additional "Mic-All" modules were impedance adjusted and included on-board the TB-10 for precision, high common mode rejection, instrument amplification!

    As of 2008, we decided to veer from our present course of utilizing larger 3RU cabinetry for most multiple channel Tool Boxes and design a new TB-10 package in compact, 2 RU cabinetry. This edition was created to feature, and introduce, our new, standard SiFam "Retro" styled VU meters in the smaller 2 1/2" square package. The inaugural edition of this new model is pictured above housed in contrasting "aged" Oak cabinetry with Purpleheart faceplate.

    To make this unique, "compactness" possible, we also designed an all new MP-TB10 "MasterPiece" circuit module which houses ALL of the circuitry for one channel of the TB-10, including the dual "Mic-All" amplifiers and the precision VU meter driver amp. Therefore, only two of these modules are required on board for ALL of the circuit functions of the TB-10.

    The individually isolated and buffered VU meters are independently selectable to monitor either the mic channels or the instrument channels and are trim adjustable to calibrate over a 20 dB range.

    Thus, the TB-10 is BOTH a dual channel, precision microphone preamplifier with fully adjustable gain from zero to near 60 dB, AND a dual channel state-of-the-art INSTRUMENT preamplifier/"direct box" all in one package! Four complete channels in all, in one unit.

    The usual "MIC-ALL" features are provided including phase reverse switching and individually switched, isolated phantom power.

    It features FRONT PANEL mounted XLR mic inputs and 1/4" tip/ring/sleeve instrument inputs.
    Separate outputs are rear mounted.

    The TB-10 is now available ONLY in 2RU-WG.

    No need for more "highlights" here ...
    You really must see this unit for yourself and read the FULL DESCRIPTION provided in the ...



    ----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/---) ]----/\/\/\/----)]----/\/\/\/----

    TB-11 "DaviSumThing" 8 Channel, 12 Input, Stereo Output ...
    Analog Line Level Mixer -

    After months of inquiries from DAW recordists, and others, requesting a true, accurate signal chain,
    analog mixer, DaviSound decided to go ahead and introduce its new "DaviSumThing" mixer as the first order of business for 2005!

    This "WG" 2U rack mount "Tool Box" offers six mono input channels (1-6) with pan-pots for panoramic routing. It also provides two true STEREO inputs (channels 7 and 8) for those using stereo keyboards or other line level stereo program sources.

    Special features of this mixer include active summing by the application of two, matched, DaviSound
    MP-1 universal amplifier MasterPiece modules for ultimate signal integrity and fully active variable gain master controls!

    Up to 14 dB of overall gain is provided from inputs to main outputs with master controls functioning as active gain trim controls as well as group Master faders.

    A stereo headphone jack is provided for reference monitoring and an associated phones on/off toggle allows you to route the output signals simultaneously to the headphone jack when desired. The T-R-S 1/4" front jack could also be used as an unbalanced main stereo front panel jack feed if desired.

    Finally, the acclaimed DaviSound "DaviSirkit" passive EQ preset is offered as an option at the flick of the
    DS in/out toggle switch. The DaviSirkit offers PASSIVE R/C networks comprised of audiophile grade resistors and capacitors which provides a gentle 7dB shelving boost at low and high ends, somewhat similar to that associated with traditional Fletcher-Munson "Loudness" EQ.

    It is, however a slightly different curve and boost ratio and, different peaking frequencies, those which have been shown to be the most "musically prefered" by professional recordists for most program sources.
    It can be used, or not used, at the option of the operator and, when switched out, it is TOTALLY by-passed for no affect on the signal whatever.

    Main power switching from the on-board, toroid-powered DaviSupply, which provides the power for the maximum headroom performance (+32 dBU), is provided with a third front panel mini-toggle and associated Blue LED power-on indicator.

    Input and output connectors are XLR and the unit is specially designed to accommodate both balanced sources and loads as well as unbalanced! Bridging input impedance is about 10K Ohms and output impedance is 100 ohms.

    Now you can mix and combine your preamp signals, or recorded tracks, with full ANALOG integrity without worry of digital software/hardware mixing "artifacts" whatsoever!

    The TB-11 is packaged in 2RU-"WG".

    For more detailed information ...
    Please see ...


    ----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/---) ]----/\/\/\/----)]----/\/\/\/----

    TB-12 "DaviSecondSource" -
    "MIC-ALL©™ Preamplifiers -

    As our first order of new business in 2004 ... due to continuing inquries by home project studio recordists regarding a smaller, less expensive package of our popular TB-6, quad packaged "MIC-ALL" preamps ...
    we decided to go ahead and introduce an all new Tool Box geared especially toward the smaller project studios and the home recording musician.

    Now these users, who record exclusively with just one or two channels at a time while tracking, can have the precision of the TB-6 in a two channel package at reduced cost, without paying for the extra channels they do not need.

    The TB-12 is, functionally, essentially a TB-10 without the VU meter feature!
    As such it is packaged in the smaller 2RU cabinet.

    Another important cost reducing distinction, from the TB-10, however, is the utilization of the same two MIC-ALL MP-2 modules as either the microphone amplifier or the instrument amplifier for each respective channel with the flick of a front panel mini toggle switch.

    This switch can select either the microphone input jack or, alternately, select the instrument jack while simultaneously adding instrument matching buffer circuitry to the front-end of the MP-2!

    Allowing each channel's MP-2 module to do double duty in this fashion saves the expense of the separate amplifier blocks packaged with the TB-10. Yet, the unique multi-switching arrangement still provides a balanced, differential instrument amp for the instrument input jack, which is a T-R-S 1/4" panel jack ... utilizing the same amplifier block as the channel's mic input!

    So, for those of you who have been inquring for so long and requesting a dual MP-2 module slimmed down package ...
    Here is your TB-12 ... the ultimate in dual preamp packaging efficiency, at the lowest possible price, that we can offer for a preamplifier in our "WG" Tool Box hand-crafted format!

    Although this unit still requires much of the same preparation time, including the custom "WG" cabinet preparation of it's "busier" brothers, this new entry will also save some steps, thus some time, in fabrication. This will, thereby, make it our fastest "turnaround-time" Tool Box offering to date ... even if only by a small margin.

    The electrical specs of this unit, are of course, the same as the TB-6, and the functionallity very similar to the TB-10, described above. The TB-12 is a two channel, "either/or" (mic/instrument) unit whereas the TB-10 offers four discreet channels.

    Each of the two channels of the TB-12 include a front panel XLR mic jack, a front panel T-R-S instrument jack, a horizontally operated mini toggle phase select switch, a horizontally operated mini toggle mic-instrument select switch, and a vertically operated phantom power on/off switch with an associated green LED indicator. And, of course, the channel gain control is also provided in the control cluster.

    The TB-12 is available in 2RU-"WG".

    The new TB-12 is being offered in "WG" 2RU format only.

    The layout, and additional info, may be seen in the on-line manual ...


    ----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/---) ]----/\/\/\/----)]----/\/\/\/----

    For those who have never before seen or heard about the unique packaging of the DaviSound all wooden "WG" models, some of the above photos might have aroused quite a bit of curiosity.

    The following section briefly describes how the unique, all wooden rack mount packaging has evolved to its current state and simultaneously become quite a distinctive "benchmark" for DaviSound.

    "WG" STORY


    In the early days, our standard rack mount designs were traditionally fabricated using a unique combination of aluminum control panels, rear panels and top and bottom covers with real, solid, half-inch American Red Oak for the side panels only.

    The normal color scheme in those days was baked almond for the front and rear panels, flat black for the top and bottom panels and natural, hand-rubbed oil finish for the oak side panels.

    Very often, some of our customers would comment that the "prettiest" part of the box, the rich, oak, wood grain ...
    was HIDDEN INSIDE the rack cabinet!

    Taking a cue from all of these favorable comments regarding the real "wood-look" of our oak cabinet side rails, we next began using 1/4" Oak top covers and bottoms for our rack cabinets thereby forming the entire interior, main cabinet from polished wood.

    Soon, we learned that some users preferred leaving their units table mounted, outside the rack, so as to enjoy and display the aesthetics of the hand-rubbed wooden cabinetery. So, we then began offering optional rubber cabinet feet by request!

    Then ... after the success of this unique, all wooden, rack cabinet fabrication ...
    We figured, why not go a little further and offer the FRONT and REAR PANELS in solid wood, where applicable, also!

    So ...

    As of January, 1998, we began offering one of the most UNIQUE styling options available in pro audio today -

    The front control panels of the WG units, as well as the rear connector panels, are made of the same solid, 1/4 inch wood that we use for our cabinet structures.

    This puts the beautiful woodgrain OUT FRONT where it shows and can be enjoyed ...
    as well as inside the rack!

    There are NO veneers or simulations...
    (the ONE time we let a magazine review one of these pieces they erroneously refered to it as "beautiful veneer"- quite a mistaken degradation!).

    While we still offer an option of a metal faceplate control panel for some models, as of 2005, "WG" styling became the norm ... the new "standard" for DaviSound "Tool Boxes".

    This DaviSound originated concept offers a truly unique approach to modern audio cabintery with special "aesthetic appeal" for any equipment rack, or table mount, application!

    Also, please note that where necessary for shielding purposes, wooden panels and cabinet coverings interiors are copper ground-plane shielded ... and inter-connected with copper braid ground strap.

    And, now ...

    Normally, unless you specify the metal option, then the all wooden cabinet housings will be the norm.

    Since the rear connector panel is also made from 1/4" thick Oak (or other woods) this offers, amongst other things, excellent electrical isolation and immunity to ground loops.

    Unique as a snowflake ...

    The "WG" designation means that the front panel (control panel), as well as the rest of the cabinet, will be fabricated, in entirety, from solid wood. American Red Oak is the standard but other exotic woods are available as an option according to availability or special order.

    Like all natural things, every piece of wood has its own, distinct character and "personality". This makes EACH AND EVERY "WG" model unique unto itself which enhances the aesthetic value of the piece as well as the actual appreciative, collectible and keepsake value!

    Keep in mind that as part of this wood "character" it is impossible to find/utilize a "PERFECT" piece of wood. This means there may be slight imperfections, or variations, in terms of grain pattern, color uniformity, and skew. However, any such natural variations in our selected pieces are very minor and are the very things that gives wood its charm and "character" appeal for musical instruments down through the ages!

    Our cabinets are "hand rubbed" with penetrating oil finish for a "rustic elegance" that allows the wood character to "speak for itself".
    We do NOT, typically, use heavy, layered acrylic coatings or polished, "mirror finishes" preferring, instead, the more natural wood-look with protective, soft luster, "satin" finish.

    Each and every Davisound Tool Box made for you will, in reality, be an heirloom quality, collector's item ...
    as individually unique as your own fingerprints!

    As mentioned, for those who would prefer a painted aluminium faceplate, these are available by special order for most models. While custom paint colors are available to some extent, best results are typically acheived with baked-on almond or black enamels.

    In late 2005 and early 2006, we also introduced a very unique paint style for aluminum faceplates called ...     "DaviStone" .
    You might want to click the link and check this most unique, variation!

    Aluminum faceplate models are still fabricated with "WG" all wooden interior cabinetry, typically of Oak or Poplar.

    Of course, for those of you who would prefer NOT to take advantage of any of these unique wooden cabinet variations for whatever reason, we will always offer all-metal cabinets as a custom option, for most models, priced by quote.

    Please also note that we do NOT recommend using the "WG" option for heavy duty road use! In these instances, it is suggested that you request the all-metal cabinet option.

    Our handcrafted, sculptured wooden cabinets are designed for permanent mounting in a studio environment and, after obtaining, unwrapping and viewing his/her very own unit, we cannot imagine anyone wanting to subject such one-of-a-kind craftsmanship to the perils of the road!

    The same all metal recommendation is true if a particular unit is to be used in close proximity to a high power RF field such as a broadcast transmitter location.

    Keep in mind that since all metal cabinets are no longer the norm for us, pricing for this option will be on an individual quotation basis, where requested, depending upon the particular model.



    Now, all of this attractive handcrafted packaging is certainly a nice thing ...
    and it has a lot to do with aesthetics and collectible value...
    but keep in mind, above all else ...
    that the REAL attractiveness of a DaviSound Tool Box, or custom piece, is always ...
    WHAT YOU HEAR through your monitors!

    That being the case ...

    Let's get to ...

    MORE "Ins and Outs" of TOOL BOXES©™ in general ....

    All TOOL BOXES feature active, transformerless balanced inputs and balanced/unbalanced outputs by design.

    Therefore, Tool Boxes can be interfaced with any other type of equipment.

    The following segment on "Ins & Outs"
    is partial text from one of the printed data sheets which accompanies each
    Tool Box shipment.


    DaviSound Tool Boxes, unless otherwise specified, use XLR connectors for inputs and outputs.

    In years past, DaviSound followed the universal broadcast industry standard (NAB) of logical pin-out connection but, in recent years, we have modified this to suit the current pro audio pin-out "standard" ... which is:

  • Pin 1= Ground
  • Pin 2= HI
  • PIN 3=LO

  • Mic input impedance will be 2 KOHMS, internal, differentially balanced for ideal interface/voltage transfer with any professional low impedance mic from 50 ohms impedance to 600 ohms impedance.

    On Phantom powered versions, V+ DC will be divided and supplied equally via .1% metal film resistors to pins 2 & 3 to maintain circuit balance.

    Line Inputs will be of medium high bridging impedance (10 Kohms to 47 Kohms depending on the unit) designed to provide non-loading interface with today's low impedance drive amplifiers. If your drive source employs a transformer in the balanced output stage, you will need to be certain that it is properly matched with terminating resistor of the proper value (usually 600 Ohms) as transformers need to "see" a load of their rated output impedance whereas modern differential voltage amplifiers are happier driving higher impedance bridging loads.

    Line Outputs will be 100 ohms, typically "quasi" balanced ("impedance balanced"), or differential, active balanced, for driving virtually any succeeding input stage.

    While rated for 600 ohm loads or higher, "MasterPiece" circuit modules can typically drive loads as low as 50 ohms (or lower!) and still maintain complete signal integrity and linearity !


    NOTE: DaviSound Tool Boxes will provide a proper source for both balanced inputs and unbalanced inputs. When driving UNbalanced inputs, it is only necessary to use PIN 2 and ground of each channel to drive the succeeding unbalanced input load. You do not need to ground pin 3 in that case. PIN 3 should be left unused and unterminated at the load end when driving unbalanced loads


    Since most units feature a fully descriptive, on-line manual, linked from each basic description above, this section now covers just a few basics which are common to all Tool Boxes.

    All units come with AC power supplies internal and feature IEC receptacles with EMI filtering and supplied, detachable power cords.
    You will learn more about our power supply design in the description of our outboard power supplies below.

    While "ON-LINE MANUALS" are now provided on our website...
    each purchasor receives additional printed "TOP TIPS" and guidelines for each Tool Box ...
    as well as a title certificate of proof of performance and authenticity...
    dated and signed by Hayne Davis.

    Rack mount screws and shoulder washers are also provided and rubber feet will be included if requested.

    Unless otherwise specified, all switches are heavy-duty, sealed, silver contacts, miniature toggle switches ...
    and all controls are quality, sealed, conductive plastic potentiometers ...
    with set-screw mounted , black, phenolic knobs with white indicator.

    Each unit features convenient rack handles for easy handling and mounting.
    Some models use hard phenolic plastic and others use metal handles.

    As of 2005, all standard "WG" models normally incorporate METAL rack handles ...
    Whereas ... special ordered models with painted alumminum faceplates normally utilize the black plastic rack handles.

    Tool Boxes employ a, typically 1 amp ( 1 AG ), fuse in line with the power transformer primary, accessed on the rear panel fuse holder.
    The detachable line cord connects to the built-in IEC connector/AC EMI line filter.


    Standard Dimensions

    As of 2006, the interior cabinetry of most Tool Boxes has been reduced with diminished depth, by popular request.

    Unless otherwise stated ...
    Interior Cabinet Dimensions are ...
    6" Depth by 16" Width

    Interior cabinet top to bottom will be about 1/4" below the front panel edges of each respective rack size .

    Engraved, personalized, brass ID Nameplates
    are provided with the product ID number
    and the client's name ...
    attached to the rear panel.
    Of course if you prefer ...
    Your ID Nameplate can be
    attached to the front panel.


    The 80's and 90's saw an interesting phenomenon develop in the pro audio, and audiophile, worlds with nearly ALL studios employing at least one vacuum tube signal processor in its equipment arsenal to help ... as they say ...
    "Warm Up" so-called, sterile, digital signals.

    Those few of our Tool Box processors which employ vacuum tubes as harmonic "colorizers" ...
    are referred to as "INNER TUBES" ©™ ... a DaviSound trade name.

    "Inner Tube" is an original copyrighted trade name of DaviSound utilized since 1979.
    It has been published in copyrighted literature,
    national and international publications and directories since 1982 ...
    and on our own website since early 1999.

    DaviSound is NOT affilliated with ANY other company, "high profile" or otherwise ...
    who may be parodying any of our original names or product concepts!
    - Hayne Davis, Sole Proprietor,

    Also, in early 2005, DaviSound announced a commitment to produce a few, high-end tube processors per year,
    devoted to new, fully linear, vacuum tube amplifier techniques for the high-end audiophile market
    under the name "DaviSheen" ©™ .

    Anyone interested in learning more about the application of this state-of-the-art,
    linear vacuum tube technology should explore this site area ...
    "DaviSheen" .

    Note that our first all vacuum tube "DaviSheen" Tool Box ... the new TB-9 ...
    has been announced above in our previous Tool Box lineup!


    Obviously, when a small company builds it's reputation on hand-crafted original pieces of equipment ...
    then customization is always, for the most part, readily available.

    And, since ALL of our pieces ARE one-at-a-time handmade originals...
    then no two pieces will be EXACTLY identical.

    However, we do work from precise patterns ...
    and a standard assembly style is maintained for each item
    so that consistent quality ... and repetition when desired ... is always acheived.

    Therefore, while our Tool Box models are all "STANDARD" ...
    in most cases, CUSTOM modifications are available to varying degrees
    depending on the individual models and the changes and additions desired.

    And, of course, fully custom commissions for completely unique designs
    and fabrications are also available upon request.

    Which Hands Would You Rather Have ...
    On YOUR Equipment?

        At  DaviSound ...
        There is
      NEVER any

         If you prefer robots to real, live,
        concerned, knowledgable, skilled,
        experienced Craftspersons ...
        then stay with the mainstream.

       Otherwise ...consider DaviSound.

    To help you fully appreciate what goes IN to DaviSound gear ...

    ----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/---) ]----/\/\/\/----)]----/\/\/\/----

    "DaviSpacers"©™ - Blank "WG" Rack Panels -

    As of Fall 2003, by request, DaviSound is now offering our solid 1/4" thick Oak
    (and other exotic woods by request)
    custom configured as matching rack space filler panels.

    Starting quite a few years back, as described above, we are most pleased to have originated
    what is now becoming another "trend" in pro audio with our "WG" wood cabinet styling.

    Now, more and more "would-be (WOOD-BE!) imitators" are turning up
    with some sort of "wood-look" cabinet design trying to emulate our unique, original Tool Box "WG", solid-wood cabinetry!

    A "spinoff' of this, which has been called to our attention ...
    has been several rack panel companies starting to offer wooden rack panels as rack spacers.

    Well, you no longer have to depend on imitators for a blank panel to complement your original ...
    genuine "WG" Tool Boxes in your rack!

    Now, DaviSound offers these choice, authentic, "WG" custom, "DaviSpacers" hand-crafted and hand-finished for you
    using the same techniques used in finishing our "WG" control panels.

    We will even include our unique, polished brass ID nameplate centered on the main panel
    with your custom engraved studio ID!

    Example ...

    "Custom Solid Oak Cabinetry
    For TheseAreMy Studios
    By DaviSound"

    These panels are available in 2RU and 3RU spaces with custom widths possible on request.

    Futhermore, if you order blank panels at the same time you order your custom "WG" Tool Box(s)...
    we will utilize closely matching oak (or special requested wood) from the same lot used to fabricate your Tool Box(s) !

    To order "DaviSpacers" ...
    Simply let us know what widths you prefer, as well as any wood styling preferances, and send the text you would like for your custom ID tag.

    Your DaviSpacers will be custom made and shipped in short order!

    ----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/----) ]----/\/\/\/---) ]----/\/\/\/----)]----/\/\/\/----

    "DaviSupply"©™ - Outboard DC Power Supplies

    Also by request, DaviSound is now offering outboard power supplies in several configurations.

    Our standard DaviSupply is a + 45 VDC discreet unit designed to provide power for a variety of applications
    including our MasterPiece modules and any associated microphone phantom power requirements.
    The designation for the this unit is DS-45 .

    An alternate standard model is available for lower voltage requirements
    such as for many custom outboard modular rack packages housing European components.
    This unit supplies + 24 VDC and is designated DS-24

    The final, "standard" version is a Bi-Polar +15 / -15 VDC unit
    for powering many existing mixers and similar associated equipment items. Not surprisingly ...
    The designation for the Bi-Polar DaviSupply is DS-15

    All models are rated at a minimum of 1 AMP continuous duty operation. In actual practice, much higher current output is easily acheived where required, especially on peak demand. The DS-45 is rated at 2 amps for a resulting 90 watt supply!

    All of these standard units are normally supplied in an outboard, metal "black-box" package whose specific styling may vary. These are designed for "umbilical cord" application with the unit itself tucked away in the bottom of a rack, or under a desk or table, away from the equipment being powered.

    Internally, all our power supplies utilize the same dependable high reliability design and superior, discreet circuit styling which we utilize on-board in our Tool Boxes internal power supplies. All utilize over-rated, select components for longlasting reliability.

    Separate, multiple stage, imported "European style" electrolytic filter capacitors (of German design and manufacture) are utilized along with over-rated rectifiers. RF quality by-pass capacitors are used at every stage as is ground-plane construction (the entire circuit rests on a double-sided, solid copper board).

    DaviSupplies also utilize another seldom seen, untypical technique of "resonating", or "tuning" the secondary stage of the AC transformer for optimum efficiency! This is not "voodoo" but a technique that, we believe, offers a small but noticable margin of credible improvement to supply peak efficiency.

    All supplies are primary fused and employ input filter conditioning (multiple L/C input filters)
    for the incoming AC line.

    Our supplies, as used in our own audio products are, of course, optimized for impeccable audio performance and guarantee ripple current to be virtually non-existant. Our unique, discreet filtering methods offer up to 122 dB of ripple rejection in addition to the initial input filter capacitor action!

    What you get is as close to "pure DC" as is theoretically possible to be obtained from an AC line source!

    Units come with an LED "on" indicator, an AC power switch, a supplied AC cord, and are normally terminated with screw terminal barrier strips at the DC output to allow for a connection cord and connectors of your own choosing or fabrication for your own particular need. This lets you utilize whatever length, style, size of cable you require fitted with whatever connector you require on the opposite end.

    We can supply custom cables prefabricated for you as a separate option.

    Finally, a 3 RU "WG" rack mount version version is available for any model which includes the unit housed in a handcrafted "WG" cabinet, with panel mounted analog volt meter, and on/off switch and LED indicator front panel mounted.

    All power connections are rear panel mounted. To order any power supply housed in a traditional, solid oak ... (or other chosen wood) ...
    "WG" Tool Box cabinet, simply add "WG" to the model.

    With "DaviSupply" ...
    Now YOU have the power!

    Unless a very high-current supply is required
    DaviSound supplies, including those internal to Tool Boxes ...
    now utilize Toroidal wound
    power transformers.
    Toroids traditionally offer
    self-shielding tendencies ...
    with the "hum field" inherently confined
    within the center "do-nut" for the most part!

    "MasterPieces" ... And More ...

    DaviSound offers so much more besides our full line of "TOOL BOXES" processors!

    We also provide custom engineering consultation and we offer parts and modules for ...
    "do-it-yourselfers" with "MASTERPIECES" modular building blocks in a variety of configurations for the custom builder!

    We also offer our DaviSound TECH REPORTS containing seldom seen published information combined into a complete " ZERO to PRO" Audio Electronics Course!


    TO TB3 "Glass Action" | TO TB4 "DaviShaper | TO TB5 "DaviSumIt" | TO TB6 "DaviSource Mic-All" | TO TB7 "DaviStrip"
    TO TB8 "DaviSure" | TO TB9 "DaviSquasher" | TO TB10 "DaviSuper" | TO TB11 "DaviSumThing"
    TO TB12 "DaviSecondSource" | TO "WOODGRAIN" | TO "DaviSpacers" | TO "DaviSupply"

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