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"MasterPieces" Building Block Modules for "Master Builders" ...
Of Do-It-Yourself Pro Audio Electronics!

"The 'MasterPiece' of Little Black Boxes!"

If you are a "Master" of "do-it-yourself", then we provide the "PIECES" for you to do it the RIGHT WAY ...in state-of-the-art fashion, with minimal effort!

If you like the idea of creating your own custom systems but lack the qualifications, the time, or simply the desire to do it on the component level, then we have the "pieces" ...the "blocks" ... and resulting performance that is available to you no other way!

We supply certain of our proven, perfected, "Good As It Gets" DaviSound circuit blocks for you to utilize in building up your own custom gear with modular techniques.

Extensive applications data is provided showing you various suggested methods of specifically applying each module. Background information is also included on general systems design and interface. Also with each module, a full set of schematics is included for building and interfacing the ideal power supply for one module up to a whole system of many modules. See MP-DATA "DaviSirkits"!

SILICON "Implants"?

Each module is supplied in a proprietary silicon, or epoxy, embedded plastic case. Connection is provided via short, protruding, twisted-pair, ribbon cables for your preferred method of interconnection.

Complete documentation is, of course, provided ( MP-Data BELOW!) and all leads are color-coded for easy identification. The cases are supplied with Velcro (TM) type cabinet mounts and other alternative mounting suggestions are included with the supplied data. Every module is FULLY tested and "burned-in" prior to shipment.



Frequency response, (as-is, un-compensated, unity gain, .777 V RMS input ) ... flat to 10 MHZ
Input Noise Voltage at 1KHZ - less than 4 nanovolts per stage
Typical Supply current - 12 mA
THD at unity gain, per inverter stage less than .001%
Slew Rate 12 V/uS
Maximum Supply Voltage 48 volts
Minimum Supply Voltage + 9 volts
Suggested supply voltage + 45 Volts
Lifespan- unknown - absolute minimum expected performance ...
under less than ideal thermal conditions - 20 years ...
Theoretical performance under ideal conditions - 1,000 years!

Here, then, are the DaviSound "MasterPieces" ...

MP1- This is a basic, two-stage gain block, dual inverting amplifier which may be configured for a variety of applications.

It may be utilized as a virtual ground summing amplifier for mixers with the second stage as a variable gain inverter (overall phase corrector).

It may be configured as the input buffer and follower for many types of equalizers and processors (schematics/instructions included) with many other user options suggested in the supplied data.

Gain is actively controlled by just two external resistors, or one resistor and potentiometer per stage, and very few external parts are required for ANY of the many optional configurations.

This block, as do ALL which employ IC op-amp circuitry, utilizes our new custom made, HOUSE IC with built-in heat-sink, and high power supply capabilitiy, for above standard headroom performance (32dBu, maximum conditions)!

This op-amp, along with our application of it, offers the cleanest, most transparent audio to date with specifications which EXCEED those of the best equipment available to test it (see "specsmanship" on our " Design Philosophy" page)!

The MP1 may be considered a universal amp building block for all audio, and even basic video, applications!

---- /\/\/\/ ----[ (----/\/\/\/----[ (----/\/\/\/----[ (---- /\/\/\/----[ (----/\/\/\/----

MP2- This module contains our proprietary, acclaimed, transformerless, balanced, differential microphone amplifier as used in our own "Mic-All" mic preamp " Tool Boxes".

It features virtually noiseless (dominant noise contribution under load is thermal noise of microphone and phantom power network [when used] ), distortionless (less than .001%!) gain which is FULLY, and continuously, active variable with a single, external potentiometer, from +0 db to +60 db.

It, likewise, employs our new house IC and resulting specifications which, again, far exceed that which is now considered state-of-the-art for analog audio.

Full documentation and applications options are supplied with the purchased module as are circuit options and instructions for including phantom power.

----/\/\/\/----[ (----/\/\/\/----[ (----/\/\/\/ ;----[ (----/\/\/\/----[ (----/\/\/\/----

MP3- This block, supplied by demand, is the "heart" of the most popular of our "Tool Boxes", the TB-2 (and TB-3) compressor.

Each module gives you one channel of "intelligent", musical compression, based on the exclusive, proprietary circuitry that has taken over two decades to evolve to its present, and, no doubt, final state.

This circuit has won the confidence, trust and ultimate praise of some of the most knowledgable audio vets in our industry! NO WE WON'T TELL YOU HOW IT IS DONE (no matter how many clever ways you figure out how to try and get it out of us in conversation!)-other than to state that it is a self-scaling and self- parameter adjusting optical gain reducer with ratio, attack and release constants all dependent upon the musical dynamics of the incoming signal....

.... BUT, we have decided to offer this building block to the engineer-builder for use within custom systems of his/her own fabrication. It comes with the same detailed manual as the TB-2 as well as with the additional MP3 diagrams and data.

----/\/\/\/----[ (----/\/\/\/----[ (----/\/\/\/ ;----[ (----/\/\/\/----[ (----/\/\/\/----

MP4- The current final offering in this series is our basic DISCREET universal amplifier. For reasons know only to our customers themselves, though the specs don't quite match those of our other modules (distortions measure up to .05% with this circuitry), this module has become our most sought after "MASTER PIECE" since its introduction!

Perhaps it is because of its SINGLE-ENDED, thus full CLASS-A configuration, operating with just a modest amount (about 15 dB) of overall negative feedback as supplied.

It is comprised of discreet, high speed, low noise, transistors in a classic, direct-coupled, CLASS A configuration providing up to 35 db of gain. It features a medium-high input impedance (100 Kohms) combined with low output impedance (about 100 ohms) for ideal interface in any application.

As with most universal amplifiers, it may be used for line drivers, mix amps, headphone amps and many more optional applications. Of course, the usual extensive applications data is supplied as well as a few unique suggestions for building a complete system from all CLASS-A discreet circuit blocks.

This is for those who will always believe that discreet, single-ended CLASS-A is audio's best friend. The performance and "sonics" of the MP-4 will remind you of those famous, expensive European imports of yesteryear but with IMPROVED noise and speed (electrical specs)!

Constructed with high speed, ultra low noise discreet transistors ...
The MP-4 was upgraded somewhat in 2006 with a "beefier" output stage final power transistor which allows for higher voltage/current swings into lower impedance loads at a given input signal level. This allows the MP-4 to easily drive headphones and it would even drive a speaker at low levels, although not impedance optimised for this purpose.

SPECS are ...
Frequency Response - Ruler flat from 10HZ to 100KHZ ... Noise and Distortion combined around .05% ( THD is signal level dependent and is almost entirely 2nd harmonic with active circuit noise virtually immeasurable, lost in THD residuals) ... output drive capable of +18dBu into 600 ohms at 24 volts supply.

Supply range for the MP-4 is 12 volts to 36 volts with 24 volts considered the optimal supply for output/headroom / current/heat dissipation tradeoffs.

This module operates FULL CLASS-A, being entirely single-ended and purposely designed for slightly asymetrical voltage swing and resulting even-order harmonics if over driven. In fact, the output waveform (sine shape) VERY closely resembles and follows that of a triode vacuum tube operating in single-ended CLASS-A!

----/\/\/\/----[ (----/\/\/\/----[ (----/\/\/\/ ;----[ (----/\/\/\/----[ (----/\/\/\/----

MP Data - "DaviSirkits" - The included applications manual which many users tell us is, itself alone, well worth the price of any accompanying MasterPiece module!

This unusual applications manual is included free with the purchase of any MasterPiece Module!

The manual describes the DaviSound MasterPieces and gives detailed circuit schematics for many circuits which can be created from each module. It also describes many interface techniques and a variety of ways to employ MasterPieces in equipment of your own design and application!

Extensive coverage is given to large headroom power supply design and construction with detailed schematics and hookup diagrams provided. It also fully describes phantom power application to mic amps such as the MP-2 "Mic All" modules!

For example, it includes a complete design for an audio mixer using all Masterpieces modules!

It also includes a detailed section on the construction of a professional quality line level stereo mixer, employing as many input channels as you like, with pan-pots, USING JUST TWO MP-4 modules for the complete active circuitry for the unit!

You'll also get many more info for other devices you can build using the highly versatile MP-4 module.

Each of the other modules receive similar applications treatment.

A great "How To" guide, MP DATA-"DaviSirkits" is a publication you'll want to keep and refer to for as long as you're involved with do-it-yourself audio construction!

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