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This is about the "warm glow" of vacuum tubes ...
"Audio In A Bottle"

Since DaviSound has always accentuated a design philosophy of extracting and applying only the best, most logical, methods and principles from both the "subjective" and the "objective" audio schools of thought, it should come as no surprise that DaviSound is announcing a new "line" of audio components for "high end" audiophile enthusiasts.

Now this so-called "line" will be very short indeed since we will likely only offer one to three of these prefabricated, hand-crafted audio masterpieces per year, each representing numerous hours of meticulous effort, spread over several months, until we are satisfied that the result is a piece that we are ready to launch into posterity.

This will, likely, be all the prefabrications that we will have time for in addition to the custom DaviSheen commissions that come alongside our constantly on-going, made-to-order pro audio Tool Box creations.

While DaviSound, an original audio electronics "objectivist", is always at the forefront of disclaiming and exposing "unsound" (pun optional!) myths and fads, as well as downright frauds, offered at the gullible in today's audio marketplace; we, on the other hand, also emphasize, and document on our web pages, that we do many very REAL, esoteric, therefore "subjective", things in our own fabrication methods which we know DO make a difference in both the audio quality and the longevity of our
hand-made audio components.

Now PLEASE do NOT misconstrue our statements here as the kind of empty "hype" seen on many audiophile (audiophool?) marketing sites! Our highly unique methods of building audio components, most definitely, DO set DaviSound apart from ANY other manufacturer in today's marketplace!
These distinctions will be readily recognized if you study our website and, especially ...
when you own our products!

You can read about all of them, here on this website. In addition to this area ...
See ... Design Philosopy ... DaviStatements ... DaviStories ... and FAQs ...
as well as the general descriptions of all our pro audio Tool Boxes and the special techniques
behind every one of them.

We also now have a dedicated technical page, linked from this "DaviSheen" page, whereby we will talk openly, and at length, about some of the specific circuit topologies and design techniques that we will be utilizing in our more "revolutionary", commercial vacuum tube offerings!

This new Technical discussion page is now being developed on a continuing basis.


DaviSound "DaviSheen GLASS EAR"   Copyright © 2005 by DaviSound

"Audiophiles" or "Audiophools"?

As an example of our "draw the line" approach to audiophile high-end audio, while we do not feel it necessary to advocate certain faddish, brand-name (always the most costly, of course) resistors and capacitors, or hookup WIRE (audio guru heaven forbid), we do, at the same time, acknowledge that designers should ALWAYS employ the truly best available, high quality components such as low noise, low tolerance resistors and film capacitors, and proven, hand-soldered circuit laying techniques.

There is NO valid reason, no SOUND (that pun again) reason, to advocate less than the best generically available componentry in the fabrication of audio electronics circuitry. And, yes, at DaviSound we do utilize SILVER solder ... silver being the most electrically conductive and corosion resistant, practical alloy ... it is simply the logically better choice in solder for audio electronics ... period. We use it for that reason and not so that we might claim it as one more "salespitch" in the direction of trendy "audiophools"!

Obviously, the acronym "DaviSheen" implies vacuum tube technology. Why would DaviSound, now a globally recognized innovator in true precision, TRANSPARENT, solid-state, pro audio circuit technique, digress to tube circuit design just to accomodate a niche audiophile demand?

Well, let's just say we believe, for several reasons, that tube audio still has its place!

Now, by way of extensive elaboration on that, let me start by clarifying that I have heard, and in many cases tested, most all typical tube technology and topologies past and present. Having done so, and having lived with our super clean, accurate solid state designs, there is simply NO ONE- NO WAY who can make a valid claim to me that most traditional (emphasis on "most traditional"!) tube-based circuitry can be made, under ANY circumstances or conditions, to sound quite as "clean and accurate" as our DaviSound solid-state MasterPiece modules! A few of these traditional tube topologies, with select tubes and quite a cumbersome power supply support effort, can come very CLOSE in some cases. But even in the best of them, most designers and users, traditionally, prefer to allow that subtle "harmonic additive", to be detectable, at least to some extent, or to greater extent, as the case may be.

I can listen to a known, accurate signal source amplified through our TB-8 lab reference amplifiers and get a very "pristine", highly accurate replica of that source. If I then run the same signal through most ANY of the many available, manufactured tube preamps, or line level amps, ahead of the TB-8, there is a coloration that is ALWAYS double-blind A/B detectable to me. I pretty well bat a thousand on it! You'll just have to trust me on this claim, of course, but the important thing is, I myself, know it to be true so I cannot kid myself that these outside tube designs "sound as accurate" as the TB-8 alone amplifying a source without the other gear in the chain! Of course, the same can be said for many of the "outside" solid state offerings in the marketplace also.

So, once again, how does this designer justify the time and expense of building and presenting select tube audio preamplifiers and processors alongside his true state-of-the-art solid state designs?
Keep in mind this is the same designer who lives by the philosophy in pro audio gear design that audio equipment should NOT HAVE A "SOUND" unto itself but only faithfully pass, reproduce or amplify the signal source presented to it!

Well, first of all ...
We justify it because we know it is not the tubes themselves that cause these audible artifacts but, rather the designs using them, as will be elaborated further below.

However, we can also justify some of the more traditional applications to some degree because there are simply so many people who happen to ENJOY, and desire, listening to and using a well designed vacuum tube audio amplifier that retains at least some, subtle, traditional 2nd harmonic content!

SO ...
As long as we emphasize the disclaimer to our readers that tube circuitry is NOT some kind of panacea unto itself ...
and as long as we widely separate and disassociate ourselves from such high-end "experts" as the one who comments on his website that "high end audiophiles", by definition, adhere to the belief that audio can only be faithfully reproduced elctronically inside a vacuum ...
once those important distinctions are well established ...
then, and only then, is it valid to offer a tube design for the serious consideration
of the serious audio world.

Actually, perhaps the simplest way to explain it is to say ...
we do it for the fun of it ...
for the simple enjoyment and satisfaction of seeing a piece employing "class glass" come to fruition!

I, too, enjoy the "light therapy" offered by the glow of the tubes while they work!

There are those who cherish the "sound" of a simple tube circuit, which employs no corrective negative feedback, for the very subtleties we just described and they need make no apology for that! In fact, so long as the admit that they KNOW that tube topologies, especially those operating without negative feedback, WILL, invariably, have a harmonic related "sound", albeit extremely subtle in some cases, then they even have the right to try and "sell" the rest of us on the idea of trying such traditional tube based processors, amplifiers and control centers for ourselves. But, they must always keep in mind that they do NOT have the right to make unsubstantiated claims that this "sound" they distinguish, and find so preferable, is actually some superior fidelity characteristic inherent to tube amplification when, in fact, it is just the opposite!

Then, for those of us "tube lovers" who prefer to apply modern circuit design knowledge by simply using tubes in our circuits on occasion, instead of transistors or op-amps, then we, too, certainly need make no apology for that. In fact, it is logical to insist that that we may even have the best argument for swaying the "old conservatives" to give our methods a listen rather than the other way around!
This is because the very same, wonderful linear attributes that make tubes so attractive
in simple circuits make them even MORE superb when incorporated into modern circuit
design and application!

With "DaviSheen" designs ...
we plan to offer fabrications for both schools of thought!

Now, with all of that documented and, hopefully, well understood, DaviSound is pleased to offer ...
for those who would enjoy it and appreciate all the effort behind it ...
our "DaviSheen" concept in preamps and audio control centers!

In the months to follow this January, 2005 writing, DaviSound will offer select pieces in the "DaviSheen" format. These will always be individually described and, most likely, introduced on our News Updates page, or somewhere on our website, weeks prior to being auctioned to the highest bidder on eBay.

Typically they will be "theme" pieces of handmade functional art and certainly, by nature of their rarity, collectible items as well.

Let me also point out here that it is NOT necessary to wait for the next, finished piece to be put up for auction in order to own one. These items can also be commissioned on a custom, priority basis for the discriminating, elitist, at any time. We will gladly supply custom quotes on an individual basis, entertaining extensive, detailed mutual email correspondence documenting such a project, for any serious, qualified buyer.

The "DaviSheen" Distinction (DaviSheen will NOT be "DaviStarved"!)

We will save most of the distinctive, creative fabrication and circuit design descriptions for the individual items themselves when presented and for the new, " DaviSheen GLASS EAR" discussion page.

However, we should point out, herewith, that the tube circuit topologies to be utilized within the "DaviSheen" items will "NOT" be of the "starved voltage" or "starved plate" variety which we alternately offer as "sound effects units" in a couple of our pro audio Tool Box models known as "Inner Tubes" .

The technique of "voltage starvation" or "tube starvation" is a valid one, even in "polite circles", despite what some semi-informed detractors may have you believe otherwise. However, it is done deliberately, and solely, for the purpose of accentuating the inherently resulting even-order harmonics generated by applying, or misapplying, tubes in this fashion.

The practice of employing vacuum tubes with comparatively, very low plate voltages, in combination with unique support circuitry in our case, has resulted in some extremely useful, and popular audio compressors and instrument direct boxes for studio applications. No one has ever claimed that this method was anything more than an "effects generator" or "colorizer" ... in essence a musical instrument in its own right.

By contrast, DaviSheen circuits will always be tube amplification "taken to the limit" in terms of fidelity and linearity. And, of course, that means high voltage power supplies in all cases with highest quality, over-rated, support components in every instance right down to the unique, shock-absorbent wooden circuit boards and custom, thermal epoxy encased tube sockets!

In most, but not all, cases, it will also mean the employment of ... are you ready? ...
the right amount, of properly applied, corrective negative voltage feedback.
In fact , one of the first topics to be covered in the forthcoming "GLASS EAR Test Tube Audio" section will be a discussion of the fallacies, myths and misconceptions surrounding the application of negative feedback in amplifier circuits entitled ... "Fed Up With No Feedback!"

We will discuss such things as total vacuum tube op-amps and our application of them and we will, indeed, ultimately introduce a new "MasterPiece" circuit block module called the "MP-T" which will be just that ... a universal vacuum tube gain block employing modern op-amp styled circuit techniques using a dual, Hi-Mu Triode!

Vacuum tube audio lovers each has his/her own "addiction" or "hook".
Besides the "sound distinctions" already belabored herein, often it is the satisfaction of the simplicity of a single ended, Class A , Triode audio stage. Sometimes it is the "warm glow" of the filaments or even the smell from the heaters and the warm phenolics! Maybe it is just the remembrance of a bygone era or, more likely ...
a combination of all the above.

But ... whatever YOUR particular fascination for "bottled audio", we urge you to take a close look, and listen, for yourself at the warm glow of "DaviSheen Bottled Beauty".




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