Business Philosophy:

In June, 2010, we celebrated our 40th anniversary of doing business in the international marketplace! As with most enterprises that are still around today after many years, our history is quite colorful and diversified!


Our unusually small staff of craftspersons at DaviSound fabricate everything in -house from console cabinets to metal work to circuit boards and elements. Not only our custom work, but our "stock" items as well, are assembled and tested one piece at a time. In today's world of fiberboard and plastic construction techniques generally utilized, our hardwood and metal fabrications really stand alone. I like to point out that the look, "feel" and integrity conveyed by our products simply cannot be mass produced! EVERY DaviSound piece is really a handmade original and, as such, can actually APPRECIATE in value much like a fine, handmade musical instrument!

While we like to think that we get a little better at our craft with each and every new project, there are many mixing consoles and dozens of processors out in the field which we delivered in our earliest years, still operating, many NEVER having caused a single moment of downtime!

We build most anything audio ...

...as well as select video processors and other electronic peripherals. If you have an original idea, chances are we can turn it into a working reality- "You dream it ... we build it!"

Our biggest sellers are from our line of ... "Tool Boxes" - Soild State and "Inner Tube" models.

We don't invest in expensive color magazine ads and you WILL NOT see us campaigning at trade shows! This is not to say we don't want mainstream business, WE MOST CERTAINLY DO (obviously). It's just that we practice our art directly for our customers and thrive on their repeat business. At the same time, we welcome all SERIOUS inquirors and usually find ourselves working from a waiting list of new clients.

We TRULY value each of our customers because they are as unique as we are! They are amongst the most KNOWLEDGABLE audio people in the world ...

(the more you truly KNOW about audio and electronics ...
the more you will appreciate the DaviSound methods)!

So, if YOU are one of those ELITE INDIVIDUALS who is an INDEPENDENT THINKER, appreciates "old-fashioned" handcraftsmanship and business methods, and who trusts his/her OWN eyes, ears and common sense when it comes to making an equipment investment ...
(we don't submit our gear to magazine "reviewers" etc.) ...
then we MOST WELCOME the opportunity of adding you to our list of our satisfied clients !

For those "sophomores" who are more "glitter oriented" and need somebody else to reassure them as to what's "cool", and who only follow the latest industry "fashion trends" when choosing equipment, then, please, let's do not waste each other's time!

To those who can SERIOUSLY appreciate handmade equipment, and are willing to invest the time it takes to secure it (our prices are not uniquely significant) then I welcome ALL of your comments, questions, suggestions and the opportunity and challenge of your first trial order!

Hayne Davis, Director

PS - Those who correspond with me regularly know that my "PS's" can be as long as the letters themselves (longer?) so here goes ...

We have been around a LONG time and have seen a lot of trends come and go. We even helped INITIATE one or two, participated in many, rejected some and outlasted quite a few more! Hopefully we have drawn from all of this extensive past experience and now utilize it in positive ways to benefit our present customers of TODAY!

If there is one single personal business characteristic that I am known for of which I am most proud, it would be my ability to treat everyone equally and everyone as an equal. Anyone who has known me, worked with me and dealt with me over the years will certainly attest to this.

During my career, I have had the priviledge of working along side some of the biggest names in the music, audio and broadcast industries. I have, simultaneoulsy, worked at ALL levels of the profession with individuals of all "rank and file". I am always the same person whether I'm dealing with the CEO or the "maintenance engineer"! I am just as much at home crawling under a building to pull cable as I am in the laboratory taking measurements.

Likewise, you will be treated with the same respect and personal attention whether you place a multi-thousand dollar order or purchase a small used item for just a few dollars.

Back when we did radio productions regularly, we were just as proud of our orders from the small college stations as those from biggies such as WNBC! Nowadays we build and ship our Tool Boxes for some of the most flamboyant, recognizable names in the pro recording industry and I DO appreciate that honor, believe me. But, we are just as dedicated to the struggling owner of a small home, project studio or the audiophile who orders a piece for his/her home listening room!

I'd better stop the "PS" ...BUT ...If you'd like to gather more insight along these lines please see our ... NEWS UPDATES ... page from time to time as I frequently espouse my views, occasionally let off steam, and generally keep our regular customers updated on the "goings-on" of DaviSound on a regular basis!

And, THANK YOU AGAIN for visiting!

Please check ALL our pages and links AND PLEASE send us an email letting us know you were here!

Remember, your email address is ALWAYS SECURE ...we NEVER divulge inquirors or clients!

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