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'' DaviSliding into '22 ...DaviStarting a New DaviSlate ''

Always nice to begin a new year ... especially when the prior one could have been better in many directions. As most of you now know, who keep up with such things via this News Updates area of the DaviSound site, the last quarter of 2021 turned into QUITE the disruption, and QUITE an ordeal, for yours truly. The "DaviStory" of my "DaviSurgery" (triple by-pass heart surgery after two preceeding heart attacks) was documented in the last part of the 2021 News Updates which has now been moved to the News Archives section of the website. For any newcomers, the way these monthly updates work is ... every month I post a new update here somewhere around the middle or end of the month. Each succeeding month is added chronologically before the one prior. As the entries grow, I add a page index to the top of the page which allows the reader to seclect any individual month with a click or, you may simply scroll down from one month to the one that preceeded it. At the end of the year, the entire page is moved to our News Archives area, just linked above.

To give you an update, I am now feeling much better and stronger with each passing week (albeit dealing with transient "nerve reconnecting" pain which will likely continue for some time) and actually now "DaviSlipping" (easing) back into a limited work routine as of this past Monday. One of the most difficult adjustments I'm now facing is the fact that the surgery (cutting the sternum into and stretching it open) aggravated my old broken back/ribs injuries from 23 years ago so now I have that revived pain to deal with also - perhaps the worst part of the whole situation!

My unusual "worksuit" for my first day back to work, Monday 1-17-22. It was 40 degrees upon arrival in the workroom as it had been closed and unheated for the entire time I had been away, since October. All you northern climate folks will get a chuckle out of the fact that it took two shirts, underneath the two coats shown above, to get me in there at 40 degrees! By the time I had finished at 7:00 PM, it had finally warmed to my typically preferred 68' and the coats had been removed but the two shirts STILL felt good!

For awhile, I will likely be working just two or three 6 or 7 hour days per week until I can get my full stamina back. I am also walking about two miles every other day as part of the prescribed therapy for strengthening my heart so that takes up a little time/energy also. However, my first 6 hour work day seemed to agree with me quite nicely. I managed to finish a MasterPiece module that had been left partially completed on the work table before my first heart attack on the 20th of October. The immediate plan for the rest of the month will be to attempt to finish the reorganization of the work room with a new setup for finishing the two large mixers that await me during 2022. I also have to add a few finishing touches to the newly arranged test area which will allow more space for testing/troubleshooting/repair.

It will definitely be a "DaviSlow" process getting back into the full "DaviSwing" of it all but, at least, I am on my way back! I look forward to presenting documentation of the progress I am able to make on our numerous pro audio projects as the year unfolds.

I, again, thank those of you who have reached out and offered your support and well wishes during this difficult time and I thank all of you for joining me here for another new year of News Updates from DaviSound! Please "tune in" again here next month as I share more "news" on the ongoing efforts at DaviSound!

Happy New Year!


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