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NEWS UPDATE ... from Hayne Davis ... January 15, 2019 ... February 16, 2019 ...

"DaviSpacing!"...and... "DaviSurgery or DaviSplint?"

Greetings again from DaviSound as we continue to "ease in" to 2019!

There is not a whole lot of "audio related" news this month, aside from a new "trickle" of MasterPiece module orders (again, mostly from Europe, particularly France and Greece this go-'round). The big "catch 22" plagued task for me these past weeks has been trying to inventory and rearrange my home work room for more space as I attempt to make enough room for the final two mixer projects in the works alongside my current Tool Box project, the forthcoming "TB-50" custom processor.

It's been akin to trying to stuff a 20 pound turkey into a 10 pound size bag, if you know what I mean. That's where all the "catch-22s" come in. I move one thing out of the way and two things seem to take it's place when it needs to be the other way around. But, I am slowly getting it functional, and comfortable for working, and hope to be in full "DaviSwing" with the new arrangement by the first of March. Hopefully, the time spent now getting things in better order will make work more productive and efficient when I do settle in for the next steady work routine.

Another thing that has really hampered me more than I wanted to admit to myself intitially, has been a new affliction (added to my "dozen or so" others I deal with daily). It seems I have developed something that many of you may be aware of but I never knew existed until I became "blessed" with it ... ... "TRIGGER FINGER". For those who don't know, this is an inflamation in the tendons and joints of a finger which is rather painful and actually can make it nearly impossible for you to bend, or subsequently straighten after bending, one of your fingers. And, when you do manage to bend it, it "snaps" back in place like a spring loaded hinge creating a burst of pain each time it "snaps".

Naturally, mine WOULD be on my right hand but, I do have to say, it is probably the least of the bothersome fingers if I had to pick one to be so cursed. Well, actually if I could have chosen, I guess I would have picked the little finger. Instead, it is the one next to the little finger (if it were my left hand that would make it the "ring finger"). Naturally, this makes gripping things a chore and it wreaks havoc with using cutting pliers and needle nose pliers during the work process, not to mention steering a soldering iron.

Most people, I am told, rush off to the nearest surgeon when this happens to them and I may just wind up there eventually myself. But, being one who tries to avoid surgery (and doctors in general for that matter) except for life and death situations, I have been determined to try and ride it out using a variety of "alternative" methods, so far without much success.

As I write this, I am just a few days away from my 71st birthday on February 20th and, in all my 71 years, I have been fortunate not to have ever had a major surgery. Oh, I have had a few minor surgical procedures involving local anesthetics but I have NEVER, to date (THANKFULLY!), been under full anesthesia. Of course, the process for "trigger finger" would involve only local anesthesia, I'm sure, so that is not the reason I am avoiding it. I just happen to believe in exhausting every other possibility first and, to date in many instances, I have been successful at it. Will these alternatives work for "trigger finger"? We'll have to find out.

Nowadays, most Americans seem to flock to surgeons for elective surgery every tme a little twinge of pain hits them. Everyone rushes to do something RIGHT NOW. It has been my observational experience, that in many cases, they would have been as well off, if not much better off, to try alternatives and give it some time. For example, I have read that using a splint on your finger for a week or two may just reduce the inflamation enough to allow the body's healing process to complete the cure. Most people would say, well I can't wait a week or two so I want surgery NOW. But, then they find out that AFTER surgery, they STILL have to wear a splint, sometimes for six weeks or so, to allow full healing! This is the case with many procedures. Who is to say that a person wouldn't be as well off on some of these joint replacements and other elective surgeries if they did just the"post op care" part itself WITHOUT the surgery involved?

I can recall back in the very early nineties, I was cooking barbecue for a friend and relative who just happened to be a master surgeon. I was having GREAT difficulty at the time with my knee joints and, on that particular evening, I could hardly even walk. Both knees were in bad shape but one was especially swollen, stiff and inflamed. My friend/relative told me that I might as well let him go ahead and book the operating room for me for a knee replacment since my knees would only get worse over time and I would soon not be able to walk at all. Well, being the stubborn individualist that I am, I just grinned and thought to myself, "Uh-Uh...I'll prove him wrong!" And, I did. It took time and I had to endure some pain in the weeks/months ahead, but after much research, I began a nutritional and herbal pilgrimage that I still follow to this day. And, specifically for the knees and joints, I poured on the Glucosomine with MSM along with Chondroitin on alternate days. Today, both my knees are strong, healthy and totally pain free ... better at age 71 than at age 41! Meanwhile, I have other friends and relatives who have gone the surgery route for assorted "replacements" and injury "repair" who have all come out in about as bad, or worse, shape than they were in before the surgery. In fact, two that I have in mind had to have follow up surgeries (one had two of them) to try and correct the first surgery and, in each case, they wound up with more pain and nerve damage than previously!

Now this is NOT a dissertation against surgeons and surgery in general. And, if I am struck with appendicitis, I wil be the first one to knock on the operating room door, so to speak. But, my point is, you never go to a surgeon and ask if you need surgery. The answer will invariably be "yes"! I believe one should investigate all other options before hand. I will always remember my ex-father-in-law's (who was one of the last of the brilliant, "old fashioned" doctors) adaptation of the old Hippocrates quote, "first do no harm". He said it was always his practice to try and do as little as possible to make things worse while time and nature had a chance to do the healing!

SO... will I be as successful this time with alternative treatments for my current ailment as I have with most of my previous attempts? Time will tell (and hopefully heal!). Meanwhile I will be be " DaviSlowed" by my "DaviSplint" but that may be better than being "DaviStopped" by "DaviSurgery"!

Thanks again for "tuning in" to these humble, opinionated news updates! I hope to have some more audio-type news for you next month since I expect March to be a full "in the grind" month!

Best efforts,

January 15, 2019

"DaviSliding"...and... "DaviSteady"

A sincere HAPPY (and HOPEFUL!) NEW YEAR to all of you and welcome back to my News Updates for 2019! As per our standard practice, all of last year's updates have now been archived to the DaviSound News Archives area and this year's posts will appear here monthly with each new entry posted ahead of the prior month's entry.

So far it has been a rather easy, slow "slide" into 2019 here but I am now getting geared up to be off and running for 2019!

The BIG NEWS is ....
Since the culmination of our last remaining Tool Box on order is on the horizon and scheduled for shipment around the end of the first quarter ...
I am pleased to announce .... at long, long last... that THE FREEZE ON NEW ORDERS IS NOW LIFTED!

I am now, once again, FINALLY accepting new orders back on a regular basis ...BUT... only firming each one, one-at-a-time, with each subsequent order placed in the queue in chronological order of inquiry. Hmmm....did that make any sense?
(It has been a LONG, LONG workday and getting LATE, LATE, LATE as I write this!)

Let's try that again just to be sure ...
I will only be accepting payments or deposits, thereby firming the order, one project at a time. Once each project is completed and shipped, I will THEN either announce the opening for a new order or contact the first prior serious inquiror waiting in the chronological queue that confirmation can be made.

I will be operating as always with a chronological waiting list but with the single distinction that I will only be accepting payments when I am actually ready to begin work on the project. I just do not want to ever again operate with a backlog of prepaid orders on hand as we have had in the past.

SO... if you are one who has been waiting on a chance for your own DaviSound Tool Box ... go ahead and let me know and I will place you on the new chronological list letting you know where you stand and when to expect firm confirmation. Once the order ahead of you is shipped, you will be notified to make your payment, or deposit, to confirm your project as the next in line.

I THINK that ramble ought to clear up what I am trying to get across!

As for the "DaviSteady" theme ...
This refers to the fact that our prices have remained steady and have not increased in a whole decade! This is in spite of the fact that materials costs and shipping costs have risen drastically during all this time. I have been doing a great deal of badly needed, overdue editing on the website as of late and our DaviSound Prices/Order Info was just updated today. The only updates were primarily in the contact info section and NOT in the actual price list area! So, if you want to become an original DaviSound Tool Box owner, the "bang for your buck" has never been greater than now!

If you have not scanned our complete website in awhile I urge you to do so now. There have been numerous updates and there might be a few more sections that need my attention that I have overlooked. If so, I would appreciate your calling my attention to them should you run across something that appears to be out of date.

As always I thank you for returning to this News Updates area and I look forward to our 49th year of doing business with the best clients in the world, all over the world! Remember, I always welcome your correspondence, inquiries and suggestions! It may take me a day or two (maybe sometimes just a bit longer) to get back to you, but I WILL always get back to you! If you don't get a reply from me it simply means I did not get your message for some reason so, in that case, PLEASE follow up until you hear from me! I do NOT...EVER ...iginore correspondence, voicemails or text messages!

Best for the coming year,

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