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NEWS UPDATE ... December 12, 2017 ... January 8, 2018 ...

"DaviSolutions" 2018

No ... "DaviSolutions" is not a new advertising catch-phrase for our unique handmade audio creations ... (though it might should be!). This new entry for 2018 is about NEW-soloutions instead of RE-solutions for the New Year!

And, yes, I am EARLY for a change. Instead of the usual end of the month posting I am well ahead for this month and the new year.

As I mentioned in my last month (and last year!) update, my biggest new plan for 2018, aside from being FINALLY all caught up with the Tool Box backlog, is to change the way I accept new orders/projects in the future. Instead of accepting all orders as they come in, often fully prepaid in advance, once the "freeze" is lifted later this year and I begin accepting orders once again, I will now only have one project initiated at any given time from start to completion. I will still acknowledge and confirm serious inquiries of course. However, now the inquiries will be kept in the queue from now on instead of accepting the actual orders which include a deposit or full advance payment. That minor difference, I feel, will alow me to be a bit more selective in what I undertake and when. And, importantly, it will avoid all future prepaid order backlogs!

Along those lines ...
After reading the article about Elon Musk in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, I now realize that we have much less in common than I once thought. Oh, don't get me wrong. I do NOT, of course, mean that I ever thought we had anything FINANCIALLY in common. He is at one end of that spectrum and I am at the very far opposite end! But, I did think we may be "kindred spirits" of sorts due to our mutual interests. However, after reading that article revealing glimpses of his personality, I now realize we are NOTHING alike, except for our serious passions for electric propulsion, renewable energy, and a great dislike for turtle-neck sweaters!

But, there are a couple of other similarities that are in keeping with this months "DaviSolutions" theme...
Those similarities being in the way he conducts his Tesla business and the way I have operated DaviSound from day one. ALL Tesla orders are made by deposit, IN ADVANCE, and placed in a waiting list queue as they come in. And, as often happens in these situations, long backlogs are sometimes created as a result.

Allow me to quote the last paragraph of the Rolling Stone article (hoping they won't mind!) ...
"...one thing Musk is notorious for is setting ambitious deadlines that he often can't meet. The Roadster, the Model S and the Model X were all delayed from his original timeline, and now the Model 3 - with its nearly half-a-million-person-long waiting list - is experiencing its own production delays. There are many reasons for this, but Musk summarizes: "Better to do something good and be late than bad and be early". So expect Musk to get it done, just not on time. Because if he can't do it, he won't pretend otherwise". - Rolling Stone, November 30, 2017

I think that summation should resonate somewhat with long-time DaviSound clients and followers. Because in that regard, Mr. Musk and I do have a great deal in common (along side our passions for electric vehicles and solar power)!

In closing this first News Update edition for 2018, I am going to re-post my entry from this time last year here below. I do this for two reasons- first because one of my European clients took the time to send me an email suggesting that I share and reflect on this "philisophical" piece once again this year. Secondly, I do agree with him that it still very much applies to this coming year because many of my concerns eluded to therein have even greater merit, now a year later, than when I addressed them then!

So, here is the re-post of my entry from the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017-

A couple of you have asked for my thoughts on the recent election. One friend, in particular, from the U.K., knowing of my "old days" as a very vocal, broadcast editorialist, was no doubt "baiting me" with his questioning. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending upon your point of view, I will NOT take the bait this time. Maybe my cynicism has just grown way beyond the point of no return but I have come to realize that, in my case at this stage of the game, when it comes to politics and the world situation, the less said the better.

This does NOT mean that I am not concerned .... far from it! In fact, I have never been more concerned about our country, our world, our planet and our future than I am at this point in time. But, I have come to realize that there is nothing that I can say that is going to have a positive influence or change anything in any regard. The sad thing these days is, unless you are telling people exactly what they want to hear, shallow tidbits that fit into the confines of their own agendas and belief systems, they just won't read/listen to it ... period. It's that same old "don't bother me with the facts, my mind is made up". What's worse and most alarming, is that some of them, even long time friends and family members, will take offense and turn away from you in hatred if you even SUGGEST that they CONSIDER another viewpoint, or a broader perspective, let alone challenge theirs!

But the REALLY sad thing is, in this day of rampant misinformation, propaganda and exploitation by the powers that be who control the politically slanted media, the average populace can no longer distinguish fact from fiction or discern knowledge from mindless opinion in what they do read or listen to.

As for my own "opinions", mindless or otherwise, they certainly have not changed much from nearly two decades ago when I first jotted down some of my random thoughts, for publishing HERE in our DaviStatements website area, about the ever increasing "dumbing down" of our society (if you read this, keep in mind that it was prophetically written long before the "bottom fell out" in 2007... and PLEASE, read it very CAREFULLY and in ENTIRETY ... NOT taking ANY statement out of context!).

Suffice it to say, in closing out this last edtition of 2016 DaviSound News Updates, as a lifelong advocate of sustainable, renewable energy, a free and open press and non-biased, media fueled by responsible investigative journalism, I am now, at this juncture, more disheartened than ever before by what I see happening all around me based on my concerns in these areas.

I guess one of the old school, senior commentators for CBS summed it up best after the second political debate when he looked at his colleagues with genuine disgust and disbelief and simply said, "How in the world have we come to this?". That pretty well sums up my feelings.

Let's just hope we all survive what is to come in the years ahead and, as a lifelong eternal optimist I will try and keep the positive perspective as hard as that may be to maintain these days. I am certainly positive about the things to come for the new year with my own activities at DaviSound so the focus will remain on that. I will also try to be encouraged by what I see many others doing to further the noble, logical causes for renewable energy as they maintain the fight against the corrupt and greed motivated agendas of giant utility and big oil conglomerates who have ruled our country for far too long. One thing is certain, they can no longer stop the growth of the solar industry for which I have been a vocal advocate since the '70s ... I doubt they can even slow it very much at this stage. It is just too well established and proven in all areas which now include it's cost effectiveness.

So, in spite of the concerns and anxieties about our world and our environment that some of us may have for the immediate future, we must take heart for the long term and move into the new year with a positive attitude. As always, I THANK those of you who come here to this section of our website monthly to read my humble ramblings! I wish you all a happy holiday season and I look forward to presenting a lot of POSITIVE, EXCITING, PRO AUDIO related news for you in the coming year!

And so, my friends, with that I leave you until next month when I will be sharing more news about the exciting new Tool Boxes that are being readied for shipment here at DaviSound in 2018!

Best wishes,

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