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NEWS UPDATE ... November 27th 2014 ... December 18th 2014

A LITTLE BIT DaviSanta ...
A LITTLE BIT DaviScrooge ...

'Twas the week before Christmas as I write this ...
And it is with mixed feelings that we approach yet ANOTHER holiday season and the end of another year ...

This is what happens when you set goals and projections for yourself, based on the calendar, that do not always pan out when the calendar runs out for a variety of circumstances truly beyond your control.

This has been one of the BUSIEST ... and I DO mean that sincerely .... BUSIEST years of all of my 66 to date yet we wind it up with the "to do list" still not a whole lot shorter than it was this same time last year (I know I have said that before but, only when it ceases to be that way can I cease to say it!). Just when you think you can not possibly run into any more distractions and demands on your time, you can then awaken, to a sudden jolt of harsh reality, proving just how wrong that assumption was!

Aside from a myriad of distractions on the homefront that have demanded too much of my time and attention (and too many of which have been documented in this "news" area - it almost looks as ridiculous, as I reflect over it, as, God forbid, somebody's personal "facebook" page), the ever increasing workload of consulting duties and small projects to keep the bills paid (like the construction of a record number of nearly 500 MasterPiece modules and custom designs to go with them to DIY clients) along with them have kept the major commissioned, in-house projects running behind, and forced another freeze on new Tool Box orders, for a second consecutive year.

But ... as I look around the work room at all the projects still here, I realize optimistically that most all of them really can be completed to my satisfaction and certification and out the door very soon in the immediate months ahead ...

We have finally set a shipping projection for "MixMaster" the current, ongoing mixer project that I have, quite literally, built almost THREE times because of major changes/updates etc, since original initiation. It is scheduled to finish its current proofing and "burn in" in time for a mid January roll-out and, when it finally does, several other long awaiting projects will follow in succession as the new year unfolds.

No, I just was not ready, in many ways, for the Christmas music that the stores and the radio stations started playing the day after Halloween. I guess my age is taking its toll somewhat in this regard but it has started to seem to me like we do this holiday thing about every quarter now instead of every year and each year we start it sooner than the last. So, once more, it has caught me unready and unprepared in more ways than just the tree I have yet to locate and put up (that will come this weekend, I suppose).

But, in spite of all we have been dealing with here this year (some of which I had tried to elaborate on with a rather lighthearted approach back in my Halloween theme update below), including now another major health setback for my wife just this month, any of which might be enough to bring out the "DaviScrooge" in me, that old "DaviSanta" spirit is still lurking in there somehere too and I feel a pleasant twinge of it now and then also. So it is from that perspective that I do, truly, wish all of you, who have endured this personal "DaviSoap/DaviSaga" in this "news" area with me for the past many months, a very happy holiday season once again!

We will start a new running account for the news section here next month and I have one important new year's resolution and vow for you now that I promise to keep ... that is, if you "tune in" here next year, I intend to make sure this news area maintains a strict focus on pro audio, and our efforts therewith, and not on "facebook type" musings and ramblings about distractions from all of the Murphy's Laws of life!

THANK YOU to all of you who have stood by us, faithfully, for another "rocky" year! I also thank the many of you, worldwide, who have sent me email greetings and the several of you who have mailed in the greeting cards (which I DO place on my mantle piece at home!). Your faith and kindness is what has kept me going during the troubled times and I take that inspiration forward into the coming year with renewed promise to reward all of you, for all of that, before yet another new calendar runs out of pages all too soon!

Hayne Davis

November 27th 2014

" DaviStuffing " ...

"DaviShort" and "DaviSweet" for November!

Yes, this one will be "short and sweet" .... maybe the shortest news update ever since things are still pretty much as they were as when described below last month but ...

No, I am NOT overstuffing on turkey (or turkey "stuffing") and trimmings, this Thanksgiving but, instead, I am overly "DaviStuffing" on WORK load, as much as all circumstances here will allow, trying hard to have SOME completed results, for a change, to show for all of 2014's efforts to date before year's end!

So, any real news will have to wait until next update when I hope to have more progress to report before the end of 2014.

Meanwhile ...
Thanks for checking in and Happy Holidays '14!


October 17th, 2014


News in the DaviSpirit of the DaviSeason as our extended DaviSeptember comes to a close!

One of our current, most patient, clients in waiting recently made the comment that I ought to write a book. In this instance, he was referring to all of the incredible "Murphy's Law" events that continue to follow me which have been chronicled to him in his weekly email updates.

I have always said that should I write a biography detailing the events of my life over the years, no one would ever believe it since it would read like the wildest fiction ever imagined! This is especially true in terms of synchronicity, unlikely coincidence, and, yes, even with the governing by Murphy's laws in years most recent which I am writing about here.

Those who do businesss with me and receive my email updates, and those of you who closely follow my news updates here on our website, know some of this all too well - and even the closest of these correspondents are still spared many of the daily details to avoid having them think I was exaggerating!

The immediate past few years have brought many major life changes for my family and me, with all the many associated daily requirements that go along with it, including the passing of my mother and the winding down of her estate, the closing and vacating of our old, original DaviSound building after forty-four years, and most recently this past year, a major career change for my wife. After being forced to leave after fourteen years of dedicated, award winning service with the local conservation district because of differences with new board members, she was unemployed for six months, and undergoing some severe, causative health issues along with it, before recently starting an entirely new field of employment as an accountant with the S.C. state parks and tourism division.

I don't mean to continually belabor any of this since most all of us must endure similar "roller coaster rides" through life as that is just how it goes with everyone to SOME extent. But I have to recognize the reality that many of the circumstances beyond all control that affect my life continually, at least on a weekly basis, sometimes a daily basis, and over the past three weeks almost on an HOURLY basis, seem to be far over and beyond the norm in the way that my work schedule is necessarily affected by it all!

Don't get me wrong, I am not necessarily "snake bit" ("DaviSnakeBit"?) as the old saying goes (although I have been, literally, on one occasion!) and, thankfully, most of the "bad luck" is minor in the grand scheme of things. I am thankful to have really been lucky in all the major ways that count through life. It is just that I seem to have so many more distractions, diversions and aggravations happen to me that disrupt my life and work schedule than most people can even imagine and to hear them related time after time would have to sound like just one fabricated "excuse" after the other. I, myself, would not believe such a "DaviString" of events if I were to hear it from someone else. It has become almost a source of amusement for my wife and me when we encounter yet another such sidetracking event as we just look at each other as if to say "what else would you expect?" .


So, without going into ANY more detail here about the specifics of some of these latest PERSONAL episodes that have been even far more plentiful than usual recently, suffice it to say that we continue to wade through them well into the fall of 2014!

Part of the reason for all of this may be simply because I have always "had my neck in so many nooses" all the time with so many more proverbial "irons in the fire" than most reasonably sane people would ever attempt. I have always been the do-it-yourselfer to a fault and, I guess, with all the many "hats" I wear I am leaving myself open, just asking for more of these "stumbling blocks" along the way.

For just a few examples, I am currently my own business manager (bill payer!), financial planner (bill payer!), accountant (bill payer!), "custodial engineer" (maid and janitor), handyman, property manager, realtor, carpenter, mason, electrician, yard man, chauffeur, mechanic, doctor ("quack" herbalist), barber, plumber, daily bookkeeper (bill payer!), secretary, cook, dishwasher, engineering consultant, technician, writer, webmaster, adviser/maintainer for several area media centers, sometime baby-sitter, and these are just SOME of my active duties that quickly come to mind in additon to the project workload that I deal with daily in the now, one-man DaviSound operation. And, of course like many of you, I can't ever say NO to any family member or friend who might ask for help or a favor along the way (and there have been quite a few of these lately also!).

So, while no one exactly forced me into all of this, it is kind of like being on a treadmill that you cannot get off of - I have just been too involved for too long to try and change any of it at this juncture. I just mention it here since, no doubt, it does help explain why I have more than my share of obstacles to deal with along my busy pathway - "Duhh", as my daughter might say.

On the positive side of things, SOME progress is made on ALL of our ongoing DaviSound projects through it all and I, the eternal optimist, continue to see the "glass half full" as yet another year speeds toward a close with not nearly the accomplishments I had planned and envisioned for it going in.

However, now that things appear to have FINALLY started to settle down somewhat for the Davis household, I am optimistically confident that this News Updates area of our website can, once again in the near future, begin to return to the regular discussions of our professional audio creations with documentation of progress thereto instead of the philosophical mutterings of how/why its author is bogged down in a yet another quagmire of diversion down in "DaviSwamp"!

Thanks again to all of you who visit and read this "DaviStuff" here for enduring some of the tribulations along with me and my most "DaviSpecial" thanks again to all you who just keep waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting some more for my circumstances to clear up enough to complete your LONG awaited orders!

All of you please do stay tuned to see just how soon I can have some new audio revelations for you here! There really are some VERY GOOD things in the works at DaviSound and some of these current projects I DO expect to have completed and ready for unveiling before the year is out - Murphy be damned!

My best efforts for you all,

September 4th, 2014

" DaviSeptember " ...

"DaviStalled" in August ... "DaviSpurred" on in September!

August has never turned out to be a particularly good month for me for as long as I can remember. This year was no exception. It was also the reason why there was no News Update posted in August this year.

September, on the other hand, has traditionally been a good, productive month which is why we used to joke about "extending " it (modifying the old poem to go something like -
"Thirty days hath September ... unless you are at DaviSound whereby it hath 45 ...").

Maybe it is the "dog days" of August or maybe it just happens to be the most active month for "Murphy" of Murphy's Laws fame. Whatever, it always seems the sidetracks and disruptions that plague us off and on here all year tend to reach a focal point in August with September and October providing a little respite. I am certainly counting on that respite this year having been through another, rather bad, August with continuing health related issues for my wife along with the reappearance of some old, chronic health issues for me (nothing serious- just enough to be disruptive). Combine this with an abundance of life's little (and a few not so little) daily aggravations that we all must deal with and we have had to endure another traditional August here with only meager opportunity for getting much seriously accomplished.

BUT ... now ...
TGIS ..."Thank Goodness It's September" ... and things are somewhat better and looking up!

Oh, August was a WORKING month, for sure, with all the basic requirements met and all the "busy work" juggled in but just not a whole lot of opportunity for the final touches to those remaining major projects that are poised right at the threshold for launching toward the waiting hands of their new owners.

But, there were a few bright moments here and there. Amongst the hundreds of eMails that I deal with on a weekly basis, I did get another "glowing testimonial" this past month from one of our clients that I would like to pass along here before posting it to our "DaviStories" page at next opportunity. This kind of correspondence from our special clients often comes right "out of the blue" like this one did just when needed to provided a little extra inspiration and encouragement to press on through all the "hectivity" and challenges along the way.

Some time ago, Andre' Matos of Norway commissioned the latest edition of our ultimate, low power reference amplifier, the TB8-SED. His was housed in a special, unique retro styled cabinet of his own design but it was the resulting audio performance he was writing about having lived with it for quite a while now.

He said -


I remembered that I never sent you a proper review.

I do not have much to say, I am not like those wine tasters who use 300 adjectives to describe the sound.

What I can say is that every time I use it I get a little choked. It is that feeling like when you see a Ferrari 
for the first time and you are blown away. I get that every single time. Just "oh my god" the detail is impressive.

I don't use it as my main system for audio due to the low power and me not having speakers with high sensitivity. 
So I use another another typical amp for the every day, and then when I feel like reading and listening to some music, 
I have another room to enjoy this TB-8.

I am happy with this purchase and I will cherrish it for many years.

Best regards,
André " 

This really is the kind of thing that keeps me going. It is simply the personal satisfaction I get from learning that yet another audio enthusiast has experienced and realized the UNIQUE perfection of DaviSound audio circuitry.

I am constantly reminded by the daily grind that getting there is NOT an easy road or a quick trip by any means. But when I finally arrive and do the final proofs ... most of all the LISTENING tests ...THAT is my greatest reward and one that I never tire of. Then, to hear this feeling echoed months and years later by a satisfied client doubles the satisfaction!

And so with the arrival of September ...
That daily grind ensues once more toward that goal with the projects at hand and I look forward to a typically productive fall for 2014!

Until next update ... THANK YOU FOR READING!


July 31st, 2014

" DaviSircles " ...

Yes, I am ... and everything else around here seems to be .... going in circles. In my case, it is mostly the same old running behind while chasing my behind. But we are also beginning to come full circle, in a positive way, on some of our long-term efforts and projects as well.

Aside from the weather, which has definitely come full circle from the typical, South Carolina summertime sweltering humidity I wrote about last time to untypical barely warm days and very cool nights (both unheard of here in July), our eighteen month long effort to wind down the old DaviSound facility in preparation for a property sale also seems to be going in circles. After months of packing up and cleaning out, I now find myself preparing to use it a little while longer while we put our plans to sell it, and build that new mobile workshop, on hold for awhile longer. After the original prospective buyers were unable to come through after a year long wait for them, we finally faced the reality that the only way the property would ever sell in a reasonable time frame in this economy, was to divide it and offer it that way. No sooner than we did that, the neighboring old homestead, my mother's house, sold in May. The old DaviSound facility and remaining adjoining property will be back on the market eventually but, for now, I just need a respite from playing realtor for awhile and, truthfully, it is kind of nice not to see it go just quite yet (and besides the attics are STILL not completely inventoried and cleaned out)!

Meanwhile, the DaviSound audio projects continue, as usual, from my solar powered, home work room. The current "MixMaster" ("MixMonster") project, that finally WILL be shipped sometime soon this summer, thus making way for the other projects to move up in its place, has also gone around in a few "DaviSirkles" since its inception. Like most custom pieces put together in prototype fashion, there are often quite a few "twists and turns" discovered along the way during construction and final assembly that can not always be anticipated in the design stage. Combine this with some decided additions/subtractions after the fact by both myself and the client, and the "one more month / one more week" pattern continues. But, as of this writing, we truly are just about at that FINAL "one more week" stage with this long awaited project before it goes into the final audio signal test, proof of performance and "burn-in" stage. Hopefully, the next projects in turn, several which are already about 75% complete, can proceed in a bit more straight forward fashion toward completion!

Speaking of the home work room ... I thought some of you might enjoy seeing a snapshot of my new "mascots" for the summer. Faithful readers of this section will already know that I seem to be prone to attract wild "critters" (remember the 'possum?).

Well, this time the "critters" found right outside, under the rear work room window awning, turn out to be ....


These "fellows" have provided a little company and quite a bit of inspiration this summer as they continue to laboriously construct their huge, tiered, nest. They have reminded me, as they toil continuously from daylight to dark, that perseverance is always the key and that anything can be accomplished, sooner or later, so long as you just stick with it.

No, I have not considered disturbing or "removing" them. They will migrate eventually once they have "come full circle" with their own seasonal duties and, then, their nest can be safely removed. Meanwhile, like most of the wild "critters" in nature, they will not harm anyone so long as they are not threatened.

We have had quite a few break-ins to residences along our rural highway in recent months. So, I can only hope should they attempt one at our house, they choose to come in through this particular back room window!

In closing, I want to, once again, sincerely thank all of our current clients in waiting. DaviSound has always worked for a patient waiting list of clients but never in our history has the wait been so long for so many. This has been largely because of those many "full circle" major life changes that have occurred for me along the way in so many directions during the past two and a half years. Most of these events have been chronicled here in these news updates.

As we now seem to be "coming out of the woods" so to speak, on a new path straight ahead, I once more promise my best efforts to all of you in the chronological queue, to get your long awaited project in your hands, ASAP, with the same dedicated spirit and perseverance as my summer mascots, the hornets.

Meanwhile, I salute you, all the "DaviSpecial" clients (Please see DaviSpecial Clients ) who have exemplified that very same spirit and dedication over this long haul by patiently keeping the faith, while offering me support and encouragement through it all, knowing that I will, eventually, "come full circle" for you with your own project!

Until the next edition .... THANK YOU ALL!


June 17th, 2014

" DaviSweltering " ...


I would have started this month's "DaviSpeak" terminology with "DaviSweating" but figured "sweltering" to be a more polite way to say it!

I would imagine if you look up "sweltering" in the dictionary, it would have to mention something about the South Carolina humidity - I have lived in it for 66 years now and have never gotten used to it yet. And, it seems to get worse (and arrive sooner/last longer) with each passing summer!

Of course, it plays a small part every year in retarding my efforts to further move that "workload mountain" with my worn "shovel and sand-bucket" but some continuing progress had been made since the last update - although I expect it will be the end of July before I have any significant new announcements/photos here for you.

SO ...

As per last month's theme ... the "NEWS" update for this month remains "DaviSketchy" ... although I do have just a few of the long awaited additions posted to our website in case some of you would like to search them out.

DaviSecrets Revealed?

Amongst those website updates are a few new posts to our FAQs section and the DaviStories area.

I have not specifically linked you to the new posts for these pages ... you will have to search them out! But, the FAQs index will point you to one of those new additions there and the DaviStories "DaviSecret" post will be about midways down the page in the area relating to our TB-12 user comments.

I was prompted to add some comments from one of our longest ever, clients in waiting, when I received some more, unique insights from his personal experience with our gear awhile back. My resulting reply to him in that exchange was, I think, as close as I can come to explaining why DaviSound gear has a UNIQUE sound signature characteristic that is discernible to some "golden ears" while, at the same time, remaining truly "colorless" or "transparent" to the audio signal. So, in addition to including his comments on the DaviStories page, I thought it appropriate, in this instance, to also include my reply to him along with it. If you are interested in our "DaviSecret" technique for circuit design, then you just might want to read this exchange!

June is a traditionally "slow" month to some degree, through the first of July, but this year it will not be because of any vacations, or travel, for us here. The work/health circumstances continue here for my wife and me (as well as a very pleasant "disruption" this past weekend - stepson, Clay and longtime companion, Julia tied the knot officially in a beautiful mountain top wedding ceremony on Saturday in the South Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains).

It will continue to be a non-stop working summer for me this year since everything seems to require a bit slower productive pace these days and there is still a LOT of mountain left for my old "sand bucket" to haul away before year's end!

Thanks again to all of you for your continued visits to our website and I hope to be able to lift the "freeze" on acceptamce of new orders by summer's end!


May 10th, 2014

" DaviSketchy " ...


Yes, this will be another "DaviSKETCHY" (very brief) News Update, for now, for several reasons but mainly because I am "DaviStarved" for some "DaviSleep" at this writing. I am now beyond the fourteen hour a day work day, more like fifteen and sixteen, and only averaging around five hours sleep per night (and I am one of those who NEEDS at least eight hours, and preferably nine!).

In this age of the "perpetual blogger" and, virtually everyone virtually publishing (pun optional) all the minute details of their daily, personal lives on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, many who know me as a "writer and communicator" by nature, and formerly professionally, can not understand why I do not do the same or, at least, spend more time on our DaviSound website these days. The answer is provided in one word- TIME (lack thereof).

Besides, I get more than enough writing excercise with those obligatory chores of answering volumes of detailed email in the course of a week and dealing with the consulting side of our business. And, of course, the main focus these days is trying to squeeze out all the hours I can in each work day (which now is at least six days per week), juggled around all the many other everyday demands required in about a half dozen directions on the domestic front, to make some ongoing progress on all the workbench projects.

The first of this month finds me very, very close to prepping the ongoing "MixMaster" console project for shipping but still having to juggle and deal with all those busy, seemingly incessant, distractions on the homefront relating to the new division and sale of our "old home" property as well as several issues that have been seriously affecting my wife's health this spring.

But work does continue, progress IS being made, and once this current console project is finally shipped, four more hold-over Tool Box projects will move into the priority rotattion along side the other big mixer project nearing completion- "Mixer O'Tube" for a LONG patiently awaiting client in Ireland.

Thank you all for visiting and reading and I hope to have something in the way of GOOD NEWS for you to view here very soon besides the repetitive news of "DaviSnags" and delays that continue to plague us.

Best in audio,

April 8th, 2014

" DaviSpring " ... (Sprang ... Sprung!)

Yes, it is SPRING time once again (well, sort of- still wet and cold as of this writing) and with all the hectivity here so far this year, and all the many long hours of work put in, it seems it ought to, at least, be mid summer by now! I KNOW, I missed last month's update ... the entire month of March marched on by in a flash ... blinked twice and it was gone ... yet it now seems like it was three months ago!

I have been working those old twelve and fourteen hour days again ( which I had vowed to try and avoid in my "old age") and it seems as if three months have elapsed instead of just one and a half since my last update.

This update will be a VERY brief one (just to let the faithful know that I am still here and still at it) and, hopefully, before the end of April, I will be able to update again with something to show for all of this work the past six weeks!

I have received a couple of inquries about some new projects in recent weeks so I must post another reminder here, once again, that I am NOT accepting new orders for the moment, until further notice, when more of the current projects on the tables here are totally completed and shipped.

Progress IS being made and, hopefully, by around the end of this month ALL of the final last minute changes (two by client request and one elected by me) , and their necessitated rewiring, for the "MixMaster" console which have further "DaviSnagged" us for the past two months, will be wrapped up and it can finally be on it's way to New York. Then we will be able to get the rest in the chronology out from under wraps and headed toward completion as well.

So meanwhile, take care, enjoy the pollen season, and join me here again soon for more news and long awaited,"unveilings"!

Best in audio,

February 15th, 2014

" DaviSnowin' " ... and '' DaviShakin' '' ...

One of Fred Sanford's (my all-time favorite TV show!) lines was that they ought to change the name of California to ''Shake And Bake USA".
Well, maybe SC ought to be called ''Shake And Freeze USA'' - this month anyway.

California's earthquake propensity is well known but what is not so well known, even to many South Carolinians, is that we have several faultlines underneath our east coast location as well. Apparently, last night, one of these made itself known near the western center of our state (Edgefield) with a 4.1 quake and tremors felt around much of the mid state including Newberry, I am told (I did not feel anything but the continuing damp chill in the air and the incessant sound of snow trying to melt/drip from the roof-all day and all night and on and on).

Perhaps I should also mention (or maybe I shouldn't?) that one of these faultlines runs very near our local nuclear power plant - how smart is that? - but don't let me get started on nuclear energy - the over-priced/over-complicated/over-risky method of boiling water (we could build dozens of safe, efficient, solar thermal plants for every one of these contaminating nuclear monsters!).

I had taken a few cell phone snapshots, through my kitchen window the other day, of the surrounding countryside covered in five inches of snow/ice to post here but, when I downloaded them awhile ago, I found that all the camera did was adjust for a close-up of the window screen wire so all I wound up with was nice shots of big square patterns in the foreground with a blurred background.

Anyway ...
The point is ... it has been a winter of a little of everything here in January/February, 2014 - starting with a flash flood that washed out our local access bridge for awhile, and culminating in two, fairly major, winter ice storms (especially this second one) and, now, an earthquake to boot!

But, in spite of the weather taking some toll on daily life and errands, it has really just provided a cozy atmosphere here, for the most part, for all the ongoing work being done in my home work room as outlined in my previous post.

Hopefully, by the next update here, I can announce another completion and more near completions!

As always ... thanks for "tuning in" boys and girls and be sure and join us again here at this same ''station'' next time for more News Updates of 2014!

Best in audio.

January 16th, 2014

" DaviSurging" ...
              Into 2014 ...

Well ... "SURGING" into the new year might be just a bit of a "DaviStretch" in terminology but not by much!

Like most of you, I am now eagerly putting my new year resolutions into practice and fully intend to keep them all year long. And, of course, my main one is (and for HOW many years now?) to end the backlog of orders and "work debt" backed up here once and for all!

Since I got something of a head start on it by, for the most part, working THROUGH the holidays this year and pretty much into full swing on a daily basis by the first of January, I guess I can honestly call it a "surge"!

We started off in good faith last year toward that end and, while much was accomplished considering our circumstances, some (many) of the special projects that were listed in our work list here last year are STILL here this year. In case you missed it, we have the major, once-in-a-lifetime events of 2013, which totally knocked the props out from our scheduling, documented pretty much as they unfolded on a month by month basis in our 2013 News Updates page now on the News Archives page linked below.

2013 also marked the beginning of the new format for this "News Updates" section whereby each chronological update for the year, monthly or otherwise, is kept in sequence here on one web page for the entire year and, then at the end of the year, linked from our "News Archives" page.

Since so much "distraction" away from normal DaviSound work activity was documented here in this section last year, the focus THIS year will be on PRODUCTIVITY and news relating primarily to our DaviSound work projects and their ongoing progress!

I will just say at the outset that while our winding down of the old DaviSound facility does continue in preparation for an ultimate sale of the entire poperty parcel, hopefully, sometime fairly early this year, that activity is now secondary to the daily operation of DaviSound. Now, about only one day, a little more or less, will need to be devoted to that distraction per week with the rest of my time being focused entirely on normal work activity rather than the other way around as was neccessitated most of last year. The moving process is about 90% completed and so the sense of urgency is, for the most part, now behind us.

I will continue to operate from my home workroom and outbuildings until I can, one day, construct the new, spacious, solar powered mobile work facility that I have planned for the future.

And speaking of that ongoing WORK rotation ...
The first three projects shown below have been in the works for SEVERAL YEARS! So, naturally, they are among those at the very top of our list for readiness as soon as possible in 2014 (with many others in similar states of near completion to follow right along).

The priority project for the moment is the final readying for shipment of the "MixMasterPiece" console that we introduced last year.

Although essentially completed well over a year ago and caught up in the disruptions of last year ...
Some last minute tweaks and changes, including the request by the client to remove the on-board power supply to a remotely housed unit ...
now has this piece on the "priority out table" with the final re-wiring continuing.
We hope to have it in the final proofing stages in just a few more weeks.

If you would like to see more of this "wooden wonder" ... Here is it's introductory page ...
The MixMasterPiece

And speaking of "wooden wonder" mixing consoles and patiently awaiting LONG term clients ...

Here is the very first unveiling for a glimpse of just the control panel of a beautiful new, ULTIMATE RETRO STYLED, piece custom designed for a client in Ireland. Due to it's ultimate destination ... and the fact that it is ALL vacuum tube circuitry ... we call this one "Mixer O'Tube"!

This one will REALLY be something to behold when all the parts are finally assembled.
This is just the modular front panel that is to be slope mounted into the hinged upright cabinet reminiscent of the earliest days of mixing console design.
Each channel's vacuum tube circuitry is display mounted, in line with each individual channel, on the console top cover.
The various controls to be inserted into the empty holes are attached to cable harnesses inside the cabinet mainframe awaiting final assembly.
The cabinet itself is a beautiful Mahogany finished structure with its contrasting, deep rich maroon finish nicely framing the control panel.
Look for more on this piece here in the not-too-distant future editions!

Another one on the table that will also be moved up into the priority rotation schedule once the "MixMasterPiece" is on its way is a LONG awaited piece for an old friend and former studio associate ...

This is a glimpse of the front panel of a custom 8 channel mic preamp package with special EQ and custom features ...
Built into a commercial metal rack cabinet, this piece represents a departure away from our all "wooden wonders" of the past fifteen years ...
back to our traditional almond colored metal stylings of the "old days".

The remainder of the "backlog", just a little further back with work left remaining, which will be moving "up and out" just as soon as opportunity permits includes -

  • Custom Portable TB-7 for a patient Indiana client.
  • TB7-2 Prototype for the new edition "DaviStripToo" Dual TB-7 for client in Nevada
  • New custom "TB-40" 40th anniversary edition DaviSound Tool Box designed by ...
    and being custom created for, a longtime (and long waiting!) client in Michigan
  • TB-6 for longtime (and LONG, LONG waiting) audio specialist in Australia
  • TB-1 new revised edition prototype and the VERY, VERY long awaited TB-9 all-tube compressor prototytpe
    both commissioned by VERY supportive, longtime/long waiting client in California
  • TB-3 for another longtime client in Lousianna

    And ... there are still two more which are now the preliminary or early fabrication stages -

  • A custom guitar amplifier for local friend/client and a ...
  • New 6 channel combination DJ/recording console for a client in Norway

  • Obviously, while making every effort to catch up on much of this early-on this year, I do NOT need any new additions to the work list until some of these are on their way to their owners before these owners have become old enough to enter retirement!

    Therefore, I am NOT accepting any new orders to add to this list until further notice.

    Once I get a little further into the backlog and back into the "rotational" grind in a couple of months or so, I will start accepting work on the shorter turnaround time projects such as the "MasterPieceModules" and "DaviSnake" microphones. Then, hopefully within another few months, I can re-open the queue list for new "Tool Box" projects. However, I do not plan on accepting ANY major custom projects, such as mixing consoles etc., at any time in the foreseeable future.

    Once again my thanks to all of you who frequent the DaviSound web site and, of course, to those of you in waiting who keep on "keeping the faith"! And. to those of you recent inquirers who have sent emails asking about your own Tool Box or custom project, please be patient and keep watching this area a few months down the line when I can "lift the freeze" and, once again, begin accepting new orders.

    As I conclude this first edition of the 2014 News Updates, let me assure all of you who read this that although I will turn 66 in just about a month from now (February 20th), aside from some plaguing arthritis, I am in better health and feel more energetic than in many years past (keeping all appendages crossed in that regard and, of course, always "knocking on wood" around here as there is plenty of it all around me!).

    Let me, also, once more dispel any and all rumors that I am plannng to "retire". On the contrary, I expect to be busier and working harder than ever in the immediate years ahead. In fact I never plan to fully retire but to just gradually become more selective in the projects I accept in the years way on down the line!

    So, please be watching this area as the year unfolds as I fully expect this one to be a year of REAL progress with much to report and display in this section!

    Best in audio,
    Hayne Davis

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