Just a little "fun on the side" ....        

When you work 14 to 16 hour shifts day in and day out .... there is very little time for sidelines. Nonetheless, like everyone, we at DaviSound do have many areas of interest. Many of these relate to audio and electronics in some way and some do not. This area will contain an, occasionally growing, assortment of "side items" ...

Topics and web areas that we think may be of some interest to DaviSound site visitors as an "aside" ... hopefully NOT to divert you for too long from the REAL business at hand at DaviSound.com! In the future you might find a little of everything in this area from Hayne's infamous Barbecue Sauce story to his homebuilt ELECTRIC truck story!

We have had many requests to include some examples of our radio production work from the early years. Well, we are planning to develop an entire special website for some of this in the future. But, for now, here is a not-too-ancient sample of Hayne returning briefly to live morning radio, something he did for 14 years in the '70s and '80s!.
HD on WKDK July, 2002

For those of you interested in real "southern barbecue" ... you just might enjoy reading The DaviSauce Story !

In 2021, we finally got around to adding an old construction article that was originally published on AOL back in 1997.
It is a DIY instruction page, by Hayne Davis, for building your own multi-band radio receiver - The Barndoor Radio Receiver