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NEWS UPDATE ... October 31st, 2016, 2016 ... November 30th, 2016 ...

" DaviSummarising 2016 "....

Well here is my "DaviSummary" for the year 2016. This will be my last entry here on the "News Updates" page until the new year, January, 2017 when I will relocate this entire page to the News Archives area and start again here anew.

I have had personal correspondence with many of you lately, particularly most of you "clients in waiting". It is ALWAYS nice exchanging email from all of you and I was pleased to update you personally on the progress of your respective projects in the process.

A couple of you have asked for my thoughts on the recent election. One friend, in particular, from the U.K., knowing of my "old days" as a very vocal, broadcast editorialist, was no doubt "baiting me" with his questioning. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending upon your point of view, I will NOT take the bait this time. Maybe my cynicism has just grown way beyond the point of no return but I have come to realize that, in my case at this stage of the game, when it comes to politics and the world situation, the less said the better.

This does NOT mean that I am not concerned .... far from it! In fact, I have never been more concerned about our country, our world, our planet and our future than I am at this point in time. But, I have come to realize that there is nothing that I can say that is going to have a positive influence or change anything in any regard. The sad thing these days is, unless you are telling people exactly what they want to hear, shallow tidbits that fit into the confines of their own agendas and belief systems, they just won't read/listen to it ... period. It's that same old "don't bother me with the facts, my mind is made up". What's worse and most alarming, is that some of them, even long time friends and family members, will take offense and turn away from you in hatred if you even SUGGEST that they CONSIDER another viewpoint, or a broader perspective, let alone challenge theirs!

But the REALLY sad thing is, in this day of rampant misinformation, propaganda and exploitation by the powers that be who control the politically slanted media, the average populace can no longer distinguish fact from fiction or discern knowledge from mindless opinion in what they do read or listen to.

As for my own "opinions", mindless or otherwise, they certainly have not changed much from nearly two decades ago when I first jotted down some of my random thoughts, for publishing HERE in our DaviStatements website area, about the ever increasing "dumbing down" of our society (if you read this, keep in mind that it was prophetically written long before the "bottom fell out" in 2007... and PLEASE, read it very CAREFULLY and in ENTIRETY ... NOT taking ANY statement out of context!).

Suffice it to say, in closing out this last edtition of 2016 DaviSound News Updates, as a lifelong advocate of sustainable, renewable energy, a free and open press and non-biased, media fueled by responsible investigative journalism, I am now, at this juncture, more disheartened than ever before by what I see happening all around me based on my concerns in these areas.

I guess one of the old school, senior commentators for CBS summed it up best after the second political debate when he looked at his colleagues with genuine disgust and disbelief and simply said, "How in the world have we come to this?". That pretty well sums up my feelings.

Let's just hope we all survive what is to come in the years ahead and, as a lifelong eternal optimist I will try and keep the positive perspective as hard as that may be to maintain these days. I am certainly positive about the things to come for the new year with my own activities at DaviSound so the focus will remain on that. I will also try to be encouraged by what I see many others doing to further the noble, logical causes for renewable energy as they maintain the fight against the corrupt and greed motivated agendas of giant utility and big oil conglomerates who have ruled our country for far too long. One thing is certain, they can no longer stop the growth of the solar industry for which I have been a vocal advocate since the '70s ... I doubt they can even slow it very much at this stage. It is just too well established and proven in all areas which now include it's cost effectiveness.

So, in spite of the concerns and anxieties about our world and our environment that some of us may have for the immediate future, we must take heart for the long term and move into the new year with a positive attitude. As always, I THANK those of you who come here to this section of our website monthly to read my humble ramblings! I wish you all a happy holiday season and I look forward to presenting a lot of POSITIVE, EXCITING, PRO AUDIO related news for you in the coming year!

Best wishes,

October 31st, 2016

" DaviSpooked and DaviSpeeding Up" ....

Since another Halloween has rolled around today .... I guess we can assume that our extended "DaviSeptember", that I talked about last month, has well come to a close. I now have to face the fact that, in reality, even October is already gone and that elusive "mid-fall" point I kept pointing to all year is definitely upon us.

This fact was emphatically brought to my attention last evening by three of our "clients in waiting" when I checked up on DaviSound eMail where my attention has been a bit delinquent the past ten days or so while I continued to focus on work, work, work and work (and MORE work!).

The wording varied a bit in each of those email inquiries but the questions were essentially the same in all ....
"It's getting close to another year's end. When can I be expecting the completion of my long awaited Tool Box?"

I am HAUNTED only by a "DaviSpectre" of my own making this Halloween. That is ... I am worried by my, again overly optimistic projections of this past spring and summer and ... not quite being able to fullfill my expectations to begin shipping by "mid-fall".

I admit that even with our extra long "DaviSeptember" (where MUCH REAL over-time truly was put in here I assure you!), I am still not quite where I wanted to be and was predicting optimistically at the beginning of summer. BUT... that said, I AM still closing in on all the aforementioned ongoing projects lined up on the tables here and I DO hope to have some ship-ready before the year end hoildays are upon us.

I do NOT have ANY of them in the burn-in, FINAL proofing stage at this moment but one is now VERY close and another is right behind it. The others are also nearing final assembly stages as well so I expect a sort of "cluster effect" with all these pieces being ready, or very near ready, all about the same time in the immediate months ahead! It is always just too difficult for me to predict the remaining time required of a project at ANY stage, even after all these many years of building them!


As I often say on Halloween (and ALWAYS eventually fullfill) ......
"I promise you TREATS with NO TRICKS"!

They ARE coming ....so, again, please stay tuned for more details to follow soon and, if you have not already done so, please check out the new website updates referenced in the PRIOR TWO MONTHS' updates (scroll below)!



September 29th, 2016

" DaviSeptember, DaviSaturation and DaviSilence "....

Well another SEPTEMBER is upon us again ... that LONGEST month of the year!

"WHAT??? "... you say! September is one of the SHORTEST!

And I remind you of that, honored, DaviSound tradition of rewriting the old adage-
"Thirty Days Hath September ...
except at Davisound where we extend the month to have 45 days since 30 just ain't enough to get it all done" ... or something like that.

I guess we could make that case for EVERY month around here but it always does seem that September flashes by faster than most of the rest for some reason!

The "DaviSaturation" is about EMAIL. We have been answering more email these past few weeks than ever before and, along with it, trying to file the more relevant inquiries for use on our FAQs page. In fact, we just updated that page last month and, now, since we had such an all-encompassing question and answer exchange regarding our preamps, I have added that to our FAQs page as well this month.

That's where the "DaviSilence" comes in ... a Foley artist was recommending our preamp as the quietest in the industry to the inquiror whose email we posted this month. You can read it here- FAQs .

And of course the "DaviSaturation" with WORK also continues on here (which is why we always EXTEND September!). We have one of those several Tool Boxes, that are on the tables nearing their finishing touch stages, already moved to the test bench for final proofs and it will be shipping soon. Then the others will be following in succession as we continue to close-in on that "forever" backlog in the final months of 2016.

More units will be GOING out and some new photos will be COMING here soon in the weeks ahead! Please "tune in" here again next month for more updates!

Now let me get back to it before September winds itself down all too soon once more!


August 21st, 2016

" DaviSauras ? "....

This will be another "quick and clean", brief update as we continue on with the DaviSummer of 2016 tasks of final readying numerous Tool Boxes on our work tables.

I realize that, meanwhile, I have BADLY neglected updating the DaviSound website in all directions these past many months and, along with catching up on the audio backlog here once and for all in the immeduate months ahead (a dedication that is still VERY much ongoing with resulting, real productivity as I write!), I have also begun the ongoing proicess of updating the website when I can.

We have "tons" of unpublished inquiries suitable for our FAQs page but I picked one recent one to inspire me to go ahead and begin the lengthy, ongoing process of adding to that page as I can squeeze it in during the months ahead as well.

I chose this one since it echoes what I have heard from other directions in past months regarding the misconceived notion of the possible demise of DaviSound into the extinct world of those who have joined the T-Rex etc. After this email, I felt it needed to be addressed again, immediately, on our site. To see this update, I refer you to our FAQs site area.

I also have, although not a "ton", quite a few updates on hold for our "DaviStories: page but I have to go through and cull them from my saved email files and set up the page format to post them all one at a time (a bit of a time consuming process the way I construct html). But, I have just completed one of those new posts about a TB-3 and it is published not far from the beginning of the page here - DaviStories .

I said this would be "short and sweet" (don't know about "sweet" but short it is) ...
we will continue with these daily efforts on our MasterPiece circuit modules exports that keep the bills paid while simultaneously dividing some daily attention to five back-logged Tool Boxes and one custom mixer on our work tables as we try to get them all ready for proofing and shipment throughout the fall and before year's end.

Thanks again for reading and ... as Carson used to say ... "STAY TUNED! Much more to come"!


July 14th, 2016

"DaviSweltering and DaviSame-old"....

So, I have done it again. Just like last time, I missed the monthly update and, also just like last time, I got a couple of nice email inquiries/reminders from a couple of you (nice to know SOMEONE is reading!).

And, just like last time, I can only offer the "same old story" ...
NO, I am NOT "stalled" and I am not away on summer vacation (have not had one in about five years now!).

I am just continually busy as ever in so many varied directions and still working the twelve to fourteen hour days six days per week. There is just THAT much to do! Keep in mind that my wife is now disabled and so I am also taking care of ALL household chores and duties these days too. Not much time to add extra computer duties!

Meanwhile, I have more projects going at once than I can ever remember so the time allocation in each direction there is just a bit thin.

As for my own health (fine, thank you again for asking!), I am "thriving" in the SWELTERING double digits we continue to have down this way ( the record heat is fine ...just don't bring back the record cold!).

As for the specific progress on specific projects ... yes, (same old / same old) I was just a TAD over optimistic in my completion forecast last update but I am much CLOSER with two of them VERY close to being declared ready for final proofing and prepping for shipment. ALL the others have had SOME progress made also so I do feel good about that.

SO ...
Please refer to last month's update (below) for more specifics and "stay tuned" for another update which I will try to get in within the normal thirty day period for a change (and HOPEFULLY I will find time to process/post a few photos of some of the gear by then as well).

Meanwhile, thanks again for all your support for DaviSound, and yours truly, and enjoy your summer!


May 17th, 2016

NO ... ... just "DaviStunned"!

No, I have not been stalled, stymied or otherwise! Not this time. In fact, it is just the oppositie. I have been, almost literally, working round the clock in all directions this past six weeks since my last update! So much so that I just realized I had not updated this "News" page for the month of April!

Needless to say, this stretch has flown by and, surprisingly, I have heard nothing (until today) from any of you wondering where I have been during this stretch to shock me out of my "work daze" and make me realize that I needed to post an update here.

Well, here it is, the belated April post and May post all in one. And a brief one it will be at that (so that I can get back to the work tables!).

Promises ... Promises ...

The good side of this is MUCH progress is being made and I can now vow that I will have some long awaited items ready to ship very shortly and also that I fully intend to be caught up with most ALL of our long overdue projects by mid fall and certainly by year's end! This includes all but one mixer project (my last BIG mixer project that I plan to undertake).

But, it does include ONE long underway mixer project and my patient client in Ireland (if he has not retired by now) will be glad to know that "Mixer O'Tube" is one of the big projects that I predict will be shipped prior to year's end.

I will not get TOO specific with my optimistic projections right now but suffice to say that these long awaited projects are getting VERY close and should be ready to go by mid summer, late summer, and early fall- Two custom TB-7 Tool Boxes, a Custom "TB-40" Tool Box, a custom preamp package,a TB-3 and a TB-6. All of you waiting for these certainly know who you are!

I also look forward to lifting my "freeze" on new orders by late fall along with the culmination of these current pieces.

I ask you to "stay tuned" to this section for further news updates (and photos) coming for these projects in the months ahead as they unfold one by one. And, I might just surprise a few of you by even being a little AHEAD of projected schedule (for a change) on one or two of these!

And, finally, (to the single inquiror this month as to my whereabouts and health!), YES, THANK YOU! I am feeling MUCH better now with increased stamina and energy as the weather has warmed up (now I know why all those northerm "oldsters" always moved south for the winter!). It was one of the roughest winters I have ever endured in terms of the stubborn respiratory ailments but, thankfully, I am feeling the strength coming back slowly but surely with each passing week.

So ... back to work it is and please continnue to come back to this page, at least monthly, for the remainder of 2016 to see these promises come to fruition!

Thank you all,

March 31st, 2016


No sooner than I had bragged, last month, about thinking that I was fnally getting over the prior month long respiratory ailment, I went backwards bigtime. In fact, my weakened condition brought on full blown pneumonia for nearly another two weeks from which I am just now regaining some strength. I only mention this since it has caused me to, once again, fall behind my predicted schedule for the first quarter of '16. But, I have been working fairly steadily since mid month and, while still having some severe "asthma like" attacks occasionally during this aftermath, I an definitely getting stronger and farther removed from the assorted residuals of it each day. Thank heaven for Guaifenesin, Diphenhydramine, Passion Flower, Cordyceps and my other herbal tonics and supplements that keep me going!

Since I will be anticipating more renewed productivity during the coming month, most of the "news" about our current projects will have to wait until the next update ... this is just a brief entry to address something that has been called to my attention many times over the past few weeks through many of your emails ... thus the "DaviSelling?" theme for this month.

Once in a blue moon, a DaviSound creation from the past will turn up on eBay (or similar). Naturally I am always immediately aware of this through eBay notifications but I also have plenty of help from many of you who take time to write and call it to my attention also so I thank those of you for that as well.

As of this writing, there is currently a piece being offered now ... one of our original "first edition" prototypes in fact. I can verify that this is being offered by the original owner but I have to comment that, while the seller references his price to our latest version of the TB-5, his original is an entirely different "animal". Anyone who refers to the current TB-5 on-line manual will note that the current version includes a switchable vacuum tube stage, among other differences, and that accounts for the price discrepancy.

It is not often that an original owner decides to part with one of our hand made units but when they are offered on eBay (or elsewhere), it usually creates a deluge of email and inquiries for yours truly. So, I thought I would address some of this here. Very often, it also creates a new demand for our gear since, believe it or not, there are still SOME out there in today's pro audio (and audiophile) communities who have never heard of DaviSound and who come to us as a result of some of these eBay listings

This usually results in the inquiror placing an order for one of our units directly from us instead of buying the "used" piece listed elsewhere. This way, the buyer enjoys owning his/her own custom created original with included lifetime warranty for about the same price.

However, I should also take this occasion to point out that we DO offer a "refurbish" service for pre-owned DaviSound Tool Boxes (and custom pieces) and details are included on our CURENT PRICES AND ORDER INFO web page. If you do buy a "used" piece, this "flat fee" gives you the chance to get it brought up to original specs and recertified by me personally and it includes a new lifetime warranty for the new owner as well!

Thanks again for all of your inquiries and for your visits to our "News Updates" area! I do plan to have some more new DaviSound items completed and ready to introduce here in the weeks and months just ahead so, as always, I ask you to please "stay tuned"!


February 25th, 2016

DaviSturdy?... (PART TWO!) ...

And the winter drags on ...
Instead of any of the old "DaviStalled" or "DaviSlowed" themes that have been run into the ground during recent winters because of assorted seasonal "ailments" that seem to plague me now each and every winter in spite of all my nutritional/herbal precautions (but who knows how much worse they might be otherwise!), I decided to just do a quick, DESERVED, follow-up to last month's entry. I will forego any details on the recent, nearly month-long, bout with this year's version of winter aliments, a bad, nagging respiratory infection that is FINALLY, and thankfully, subsiding.

In the last edition of News Updates (which you can, of course, scroll to below if you missed it), I described my concerns over what I THOUGHT, at the time was a "flaw" in our latest TB-3 recently shipped to Ireland. From the client's description I knew it HAD to be something simple since it was confined to just one half of the vacuum tube stage only. If you read last month's entry, you will note that I even pointed a finger at a customs agent for possibly probing inside and disconnecting a wire (since they had been a "culprit" for an issue on one occasion in the past).

Of course, the OBVIOUS, first thing one does when a tube stage is not passing a signal is to simply replace the tube (we had included a spare in the shipment for just such a possible [but rare] event). In my reply to the client's first message relating the problem, I mentioned the fact that I assumed he had, of course, first verified that the tube itself was good and/or that it was properly seated in the socket before contacting me. I then proceeded to send troubleshooting details for the entire tube circuit stage as well as a prepared layout diagram as an aid to running down the issue.

As it turns out, on my follow-up inquiry to the client to see how troubleshooting might be going, he subsequently replied that he had just replaced the tube with the included spare one and all was now well! Needless to say I was QUITE relieved to get this message and alleviate my concerns. Of course, I was also somewhat perplexed that this simple cause had not been discovered, and the "cure" accomplished, right away!

Apparently, something had traumatized the tube during shipping that caused a weak internal element to fail. Sometimes tubes can be somewhat fragile and "variable" in terms of life expectancy which is, of course, why no one can guarantee the life of a vacuum tube. Fortunately, such failures to new tubes are fairly rare and most can "live" happily for many years before needing to be replaced.

I am just happy that the TB-3 is now performing perfectly just as it was when it left my test bench! Perhaps this will once again affirm the "DaviSturdiness" of our handmade, extensively tested, Tool Boxes.

I have some more from the backlog in line on the work tables now getting closer to completion after which, they too, will go through an extensive testing, burn-in and documentation period (I keep an extensive notes file on each piece we create). Once completed, each, in turn, will be certified for shipment with the expectation of a lifetime of trouble-free performance.

Hopefully, I will be able to have one of these in the forefront by the next update. Please "tune in" next time to see how things are "DaviShaping" up here at DaviSound!


January 28th, 2016

DaviSturdy? ...

Welcome to DaviSound ... 2016!

With this, my first "edition" of "News Updates" for a new year, I welcome all of you who read these (both of you!) for another new year of monthly (sometimes more, sometimes less) NEWS UPDATES documenting the on-going, going-ons of DaviSound.

This edition begins a completely new "slate" of entries for the year 2016.
If you are curious about, or wish to refer to, our previous year's updates, you can find them chronicled at DaviSound News Archives .

This edition ... as "themed" above ... will focus on the STURDINESS of DaviSound hand crafted pro audio creations and the challenges we face to keep them that way in the modern era.

In my home bedroom, I have a rack sized, custom cabinet mounted home audio system that was built in 1979. With just a couple of brief exceptions (including one major move), this system had been in operation continuously, 24/7, every year since then! It has never caused a moment's problem or downtime since! This is pretty remarkable in this age of "throwaway" creations in the consumer marketplace designed to last a year or so at best.

All of this is on my mind for a couple of contrasting reasons as I write this since I have been reminded of the durability factor of our gear from several perspectives in recent weeks.

Just this week I was on location at one of our local area churches to check on one of our custom sound system installations. As some of you are aware, in addition to handcrafted professional audio and audiophile custom creations worldwide, DaviSound also builds, installs, and maintains, dozens of media facilities in churches, auditoriums, stadiums and assorted media centers over three adjacent states.

The little system pictured above, which was patterned after "golden age" console designs, is located in one of our local rural churches and I was called in to see about it being expanded and upgraded a bit to accomodate new some new microphone and satellite component additions.

When I was looking it over the other day, I was startled to be reminded that this unit is over fourteen years old (seems to me like we just put it in a couple of years ago!)! As I put it through its paces and "fine tuned" the settings a little bit, I was amazed to find that everything still performed just as the day it was installed. A subsequent audio proof using my portable test set, further documented what my ears had told me. This system is also one of the QUIETEST (noiseless in terms of self generated noise) sound systems I have ever heard ANYWHERE in any location, let alone for high power PA application.

Having so many systems in use in so many places could easily be a nightmare for us if they were not built for trouble free opration. Just imagine the possibility being called to service installations in three states in one day, for example. Fortunately, this has NEVER happened. The few calls we do get are very rare and are typically due only to new operator error or tampering in some way by unauthorized operators.

As for our hundreds of Tool Boxes, custom mixers, and other custom components working out in the field over the last forty plus years, failures of any kind are so rare as to be "almost never" (we do get an occasional return for replacement of pots/switches and the like).

Then there is the "other side of the coin" ... ... ...
As some of you will recall me thoroughly berating here just this past year in one of these updates, it has also become VERY frustrating for those of us who strive for perfection in our electronics creations nowadays because of the increasingly inferior quality of the parts we must endure from manufacturers and suppliers. The electronics parts market has become flooded with faulty components in recent years from Taiwan and China where they are all now universally imported.

We have had to increase our pretesting and "burn-in" times dramatically to compensate for this and, still, the occasional failure eludes us. This is especially frustrating to me when I put in hours, days and sometimes weeks of extra effort to try to be sure that our DaviSound LIFETIME WARANTY is never called into effect. Imagine having a power supply fail rendering a unit useless, on another continent, just days after shipping just because of a single faulty resistor even after you had spent weeks of pre-shipment "burn-in" time trying to weed out premature parts failure in order to specifically prevent just such an occurrence!

Ironically, our latest Tool Box, one of my beloved, prized TB-3 creations has undergone a "failure" of sorts after arriving in Ireland. Now, based on the symptoms, this one is not likely because of a faulty component. And, in fairness to us, it DID involve some unusual multi-routing shipping requested by the client as well as, ultimately, having to endure Irish Customs (which we have learned from past experience can cause some rather ROUGH handling and probing at times- we had another unit damaged in handling by Irish Customs several years ago).

This latest TB-3 ... a segment about which is imported below from last month's update ...has apparently encountered a failure in the tube in/out switch which caused no signal to be routed through the right channel tube stage.

Here is that excerpt from our prior news update about this new TB-3 ...

I am ALWAYS excited when I get the chance to build a TB-3 since it is my all time favorite DaviSound Tool Box. Every time I do the final proofs on one, I am just as awed by the audio performance as are our many users in the field. This latest was no exception.

If you would like to see more photos of this latest edition, you can see them HERE .

This was also the first ever unit to utilize the newly developed, MPTB3 MasterPiece module which combines all of the active, solid state circuitry for each channel into a single MasterPiece module per channel. This reduced cabinet interior clutter because now only two modules are required instead of the four required for past units since the "Mic-All" amp and "DaviSmart" compressor sections are now both inside the same module.

The solid state circuitry for the TB-3 now "DaviShrunk" into a single new MP-TB3 circuit module.

(end of excerpt)

Unfortunately, this new owner's experience with a new DaviSound Tool Box had to be dampened by his discovery of one side of the tube stage not passing signal on initial setup. Normally, any such occurrence would require an immediate return here for correction but since his shipping circumstances are so difficult, we are trying to troublleshoot this, apparently minor, problem by email with instructions being supplied to his in-house technician.

I suspect this may be just a loose wire (although it could possibly be a bad switch) possibly caused by some curious poking through the tube ports by a Customs agent- although this is only one of a few possibilities.

We try to build, and pack, these units to survive anything short of a plane crash during shipping. But, it is always possible that something as seemingly benign as a weak wire connection could have come loose during a shipping trauma (sometimes a ship terminal drop of fifteen feet, or more, is not unusual we have learned).

Whatever the reason, in spite of the initial bad experience and his first email voicing his frustrations ...
Here is what the client had to say about his new TB-3 in an immediate follow-up ...

I tend to record a lot of jazz and contemporary classical music, in the studio I designed and built
and I appreciate a well designed piece of equipment.

The Tb3 is one of those.

In the limited time I have had it, and even  with only one valve side operational, I find it a most
excellently designed and crafted piece of machinery.

The clarity and precision of the image captured by the pre, surpasses ALL of the pre-amps 
in my collection.
The versatility it offers from pristine 'transparent' capture to thickly coloured tube warmth is something
I have rarely experienced in one box; and, between the 'active gain' and the 'recover' stage, 
the total potential output gain is enormous.

So far I have used it mainly on Vocals (both male and female). Thickening up female vocals by dialing
in the tube. Musically overdriving some male vocals by pushing the tube a bit more. 
Shaping them both some more by adjusting the tube distortion. The compression is so smooth, and its
such a sonic joy to effectively improve my bit depth by getting a better average signal 
before the analogue waveform hits the digital converter. 

This afternoon I used both sides (obviously 'Tube Out') on a Blumlein ribbon pair to capture a guitar cab.
Everything has been remarkable Hayne- in the truest sense of the word. Clear and precise.

Anyhow, in the interest of fairness and balance, I just wanted to send you a less curmudgeonly email to
express my admiration for the mind that went into this brilliant design. You have thought of everything!
(I'm still blown away by its versatility, and its potential).

I was very glad to get these follow up comments after that first frustrated, email in which he had related the untypical problem he encountered with our Tool Box after waiting so LONG for it to finally arrive! We will eventually publish this and any further, signed comments from this new client at DaviStories .

The point is, no matter HOW hard we try to maintain and live up to an impeccable reputation with all of our audio creations, there will always be the, thankfully rare, occasion when something will go wrong beyond all control. Such is life (as we all know too well from many of our daily experiences).

But, even when it does, we can truthfully say that it always works out well for all in the end! And, on that note, I will close this first edition of NEWS UPDATES for 2016 and invite you back next month for more news on more new "awe inspiring" DaviSound "jewels" being readied for shipment!

Thanks for tuning in,

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