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DaviScenes ..."Archives" ... Turning back to the days of B&W....

Hayne and DS24-16-2
Hayne and DS24-16-2


The above photo was taken at the Davis residence just prior to delivering our first, (our first for the outside marketplace) 24-16-2, in-line recording console to its new location in Hackensack, New Jersey.
This board was delivered and installed by our "field hands" (Hayne and one assistant in those days)!
It had taken one year and eight months to complete (subsequent models were assembled in about half that time, or less).

New York, 1982
New York, 1982

And, speaking of "field hands & field trips" ...this was our complete installation at Master Productions, New York, NY, in 1982.
The job went very well (the owner -pictured- seems happy enough) ...
in spite of the need for the Malox bottle notable in the lower left of the photo!


This custom console/control center originally came from a well-known studio location in Nashville ...
by way of an equally well-known guitar player/producer's home studio.

The original top panels and circuitry had been damaged and the current owner asked us to remove them
and custom fit one of our console top panels, with circuitry, into the old housing. This was the result.
We even managed to refurbish the old, original Cinema(TM) faders and reinstate them with new escutcheons.
This console was in use at Earthquake Studios for almost a decade, was NEVER turned off, and NEVER caused a moment's downtime!

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Home Grown
Home Grown
Early On
Early On

These were some of our VERY early attempts
at building pro audio equipment for other folks besides ourselves!

Above, is an early prototype of one of our first compressor designs ...
crude rack-mount package but very notable performer.

To the left is one of our first radio production consoles pictured within the rich garden of one John W. Davis which was located immediately beside our studio/workshop in those days.
It was appropriate since this was going to an Iowa client ...
and we heard they had corn there also!

Mixer in a Haystack
Mixer in a Haystack

And, speaking of farm-country ...
this custom portable mini-mixer design was as rare as the proverbial needle ...
                                                                                                            SO ...............................

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Hands-On Experience
Hands-On Experience

Here was Hayne, during one of those fourteen hour workdays ...
getting more of that "hands-on experience" at the workbench.
Note the tradition of employing a music stand, borrowed from the studio across the hallway
for the "examining room", to support schematics and notes.
( It is, after all, ALWAYS about the MUSIC! )

Head First
Head First

This combo mixer/power "head"amp was one of the many custom pieces
commissioned by visiting session players during the early eighties.

This one was for a touring bass player and offered many unique features
including extensive equalization optimized for each individual bass string!

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MIX 106- July 10, 1989
MIX 106- July 10, 1989

Starting in 1988, after an eight- year ongoing struggle, which included Washington hearings ...
and hassles such as rule changes in mid-stream by the "beloved" FCC,
Hayne Davis built his hometown's first FM station
( quite literally ... everything from complete rennovation of a downtown building ...
to all wiring and equipment installation ... to construction of a transmitter and tower site ...
all the way through to writing and producing the station's programming/production materials )
all within the alloted year's time from the grant of the construction permit.

Naturally, the on-air console was custom made by DaviSound.
(As were the production and news consoles.)

Pictured beside it is charter air personality Carole Riser (Newberry Observer Photo).

HD-MIX 106-July '89
Hayne in MIX 106 Lobby - November, 1989

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"Roots" ...................



An "awful" snapshot (by the station manager) which was run in nearby Clinton, S.C.'s local newspaper
to announce the forthcoming "Morning Madness" radio show in May of 1971.
It was a page ad featuring all of the "HD" characters including ...
" Auto Hudson" the engineer, "Storm Drain" the weatherman, " Warm Front" the weathergirl, "Betty Crock" the home economist ...
"Ugh" the super-wonder-Indian, and the "Award Winning HD Dancing Girls" ("radio's only TOPLESS act").

Wanting to stay active in live, daily radio ...
Hayne did the morning show at WPCC from 6:00 until 9:00 each morning from 1971 through 1976 ...
and commuted back to Newberry each day to begin a full day's work for worldwide radio clients at Mother Cleo Productions.

...And, Speaking of "Awful Snapshots".....

Chet Atkins - Hayne Davis
Chet Atkins - Hayne Davis

One is a legendary producer/musician, one is only an aspiring beginner ...
(though, obviously, not an apprentice at the dinner table during that time period!) -
guess which is which!

Jingle All The Way!
Jingle All The Way!

From 1970 through the mid eighties ...
MCP DaviSound turned out assorted radio productions on a daily basis, sometimes doing sessions round the clock!
Here is an actual jingle session, circa 1974, attended and documented by a reporter.
Pictured , left to right, are transplanted Floridian singers (Newberry College music students)
Dean Yates, Carole and Gary Griffith and session producer, Hayne Davis.

Note the infamous drinking cups on the studio ceiling ...
an old technique utilized over the vocal staging area
to help create the acoustical illusion of a heightened ceiling (old newspaper photo).

And ... twelve years later ...another jingle session and another reporter!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Elvis Who?
Elvis Who?

Waaayyy Back When ...

This was Hayne Davis & The Citations ...
performing for Friday morning assembly program at Newberry High School, 1965.
It was the first time that rock & roll had ever been performed from the "hallowed" auditorium stage during school hours...
( a very liberal move by conservative Principal J. V. Kneece)
and it had them, literally, dancing in the aisles...
(and not just students but a couple of teachers as well!).
[1965 Oracle (yearbook) photo]

AND ... Even FURTHER back .....

The Flys-1963
The Flys-1963

This was the VERY beginning as The Flys ...
(had to be one of the first parodies of the Beatles as this was before they were well known in America)
warm up for a performance
to kick off the grand opening of Plato's Sunset Restaurant in 1963.

Left to right: Tommy Boland, Gene Morehead, Durrett Lipscomb, Hayne Davis, Mike Driggers